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Yoga of the Planets
Author: Andrew Foss
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1522888594
Pages: 526
Year: 2016-12-01
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This book has many uses. In itself it is a meditation. You can enjoy and benefit without any special prior knowledge. There are insights into astrology but the main focus is enlightening the consciousness and providing a rebalancing of the energies represented by the planets. This will happen automatically as one reads through the mantras and their commentaries. There are 108 names expressed as mantras for each of the nine planets used in Vedic Astrology. These mantras activate the positive values of the planet throughout the Zodiac. For the first time ever, the mantras are listed with translation and commentary. Even if you only read the commentaries, you will get some of the benefit. If the planet is weak or afflicted, then this acts as a remedy. If it already strong, this helps to enliven its full potential. Easy techniques are also given that will allow you to find out which of the mantras will especially enliven your personal chart and, hence, have the greatest benefit for you. There is also a bonus section at the end which, for the first time, explains the sequence and lengths of the famous Vimshottari Dasha and gives new insights into how to interpret them. This system of prediction is so remarkable that even Western Astrologers often use it.
The Greatness of Saturn
Author: Robert E. Svoboda
Publisher: Lotus Press (WI)
ISBN: 0940985624
Pages: 304
Year: 1997-04-01
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The telling of mythic stories has always been a powerful form of therapy, bringing healing to people facing adversity. The greatness of Saturn is such a therapeutic myth, told and retold through many centuries. Taken from the East Indian Vedic tradition, it honors the planet Saturn, who personifies time, limitations, loss, and all forms of adversity.
Shani Shaman
Author: Mr̥dulā Trivedī, Tejaprakāśa Trivedī
ISBN: 8187528133
Pages: 280
Year: 1999-01-01
View: 868
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This Book Is Heart And Soul Of Wooing The Dreaded Planet Saturn, From The Worthy Pen Of The Authors, Well Known For Their Research Work In This Field. This Volume Deals With All The Theoritical Aspects On The Subject
Exploring Mantric Ayurveda: Secrets and Insights of Mantra-Yoga and Healing
Author: Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham
ISBN: 1304594092
Pages: 174
Year: 2013-11
View: 209
Read: 1275
This book explores the ancient and deeper aspects of Mantric Ayurveda and the secrets of the ancient Tantric Tradition of Ayurveda that Mantra-Yoga forms an integral aspect of. Here one learns the traditional considerations before using mantras as well as special rituals for protection, energisation of deities, gemstones and working with the deities on an inner level for healing applications.
Vijnana Mala (Garland of Knowledge): Insights on Yoga and Spirituality
Author: Durgadas (Rodney) Lingham
ISBN: 1304496856
Pages: 66
Year: 2013-10
View: 192
Read: 873
Vijnana Mala - Garland of Knowledge is a string of sutras or teaching threads by Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher and Veda Kovid, Durgadas that have been imparted to students and appeared in many of his teachings. It discusses Yoga and Spirituality from the traditional standpoint and contains many wisdoms based upon his own insights in meditations and experience in Traditional Yoga which he imparts here through this book, which serves as an excellent reference guide to any teacher, practitioner or student on the path of Yoga and Spirituality.
Jyotish And Santan Yoga
Author: Bhojraj Dwivedi
Publisher: Diamond Pocket Books (P) Ltd.
ISBN: 8171820816
Pages: 176
Year: 1998
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The Yoga of Sound
Author: Russill Paul
Publisher: New World Library
ISBN: 1577318137
Pages: 336
Year: 2010-08-02
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For thousands of years Hindu spirituality has understood the profound effect that sound has on our well-being. From this tradition comes The Yoga of Sound, which draws on yoga's long history of applying sound to reduce stress, maintain health, and invoke spiritual awakenings. In lucid exercises presented both in the book and on accompanying downloadable audio tracks, Russill Paul shows how everyone can learn the art of mantra and how these practices can help to optimize the flow of energy within the body and enhance emotional well-being.
Saturn - The King Maker, 1/e
Author: Mr̥dulā Trivedī, Mridula
ISBN: 8174766871
Pages: 230
Year: 2010
View: 430
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Three Hundred Important Combinations
Author: Bangalore Venkat Raman
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN: 8120808509
Pages: 354
Year: 2002-10-31
View: 967
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Three Hundred Important Combinations is intended to provide knowledge of the Yogas which indicate specific horoscopic trends. All planetary combinations are divided into two groups viz., Yogas and Aristhas or fortunes and misfortunes. It deals with various standing combinations of yogas. The systematised account of all the important yogas is brought out so that it may illustrate practical horoscopes. The book certainly claims credit for being the first to bring together all scattered information and present it systematically.
The Brihat Jataka of Varaha Mihira
Author: Varāhamihira
Pages: 236
Year: 1885
View: 645
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Prasna Marga
Author: Bangalore Venkat Raman
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN: 8120809181
Pages: 717
Year: 1999-01-01
View: 1257
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Preface to the First Edition, Preface to the Third Edition, 1. General Principles, 2. Planets' Characteristics, 3. Lagna and other Houses, 4. Planetary Strength, 5. Moon's States and Constellations, 6. Rectification of Birth time, 7. Span of Life, 8. Rasi Effects, 9. On Bhavas, 10. Conception and Birth, 11. Ududasas, 12. Yogas, 13. Rajayogas, 14. Issue, 15. Matrimony, 16. Female Horoscopy, 17. Disease, 18. Description of Decanates, 19. Death, 20. Profession, 21. Transits, 22. Astakavarga, Appendix, Index.
Yoga Life
Year: 1993
View: 445
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How to Judge a Horoscope
Author: Bangalore V. Raman
Publisher: Motilal Banarsidass Publ.
ISBN: 8120808479
Pages: 485
Year: 2003-01-31
View: 535
Read: 316
How to Judge a Horoscope is a departure from the conventional method of treatment of astrology. It is a study in the use of Horoscope in every man`s daily life. The work in two volumes is divided in twelve houses, containing six each in consecutive order. The twelve houses have reference to the material relation of soul (jeeva) in its journey from the cradle to the grave. The study of illustrations (charts) makes every point even the omitted rudimentary principles and rules very clear and graspable. Vol. I deals with houses I to VI. First House deals with the beginning of life, childhood, health, physical body and character. Second House represents family, face, right eye, food, manners and source of death. Third House rules brothers and sisters, intelligence and other immediate relations. Fourth House indicates peace of mind, home life, land and ancestral properties, education, neck and shoulders. Fifth House indicate children, intelligence, emotions and fame. Sixth House rules over debts, enemies, miseries, sorrows, illness and disappointments.
Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, Or, Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path, According to the Late Lāma Kazi Dawa-Samdup's English Rendering ;
Author: Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195133145
Pages: 389
Year: 2000
View: 243
Read: 1217
Focusing on the principal mediations used by Hindu and Tibetan gurus and philosophers, this companion volume to "Tibetan Book of the Dead" contains seven authentic Tibetan yoga texts, each accompanied by introductory notes and commentary. Includes photos and reproductions of yoga paintings and manuscripts. 9 halftones.
Author: David Frawley
Publisher: Lotus Press
ISBN: 094067629X
Pages: 296
Year: 2015-08-14
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Lord Shiva is the personification of all the main practices of Yoga, as the origin and ruling power over asana, prana, mantra, inner seeing and meditation. The current book unfolds the presence, light, energy and consciousness of the Supreme Shiva to take us beyond all death and duality.