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Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book, Gift Edition
Author: Chris Lubkemann
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 1565239091
Pages: 250
Year: 2017
View: 969
Read: 1006
With this pocket-sized guidebook and your favorite Victorinox(R) Swiss Army Knife, you'll be ready to whittle wherever you go.
Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Book of Whittling
Author: Chris Lubkemann
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 156523877X
Pages: 120
Year: 2015-07-01
View: 986
Read: 1260
An expert craftsman reveals his award-winning whittling secrets. Published in collaboration with Victorinox(r) AG, makers of the Original Swiss Army Knife.
The Swiss Army Knife Book
Author: Felix Immler
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
ISBN: 0711238898
Pages: 208
Year: 2017-03-02
View: 674
Read: 1077
Woodsman Felix Immler reveals how we can build a comfortable camp in the wilderness using nothing more than a pocket knife. Simple natural materials are used for making a waterproof roof, a chair, a bed, a table, a fridge, and an oven, as well as for carving spoons, knifes, and bowls. You can even grill a chicken on a self-made, water-driven skewer. The book is full of ideas for exciting and thrilling activities, suitable for families and teens as well as adult explorers.
The Little Book of Whittling
Author: Chris Lubkemann
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 1565232747
Pages: 97
Year: 2005
View: 758
Read: 1198
The Little Book of Whittling is ideal for beginners looking for an easy way to get started in the most basic form of woodcarving, or an advanced carver looking for a relaxing way to spend their time. With easy to follow how-to instructions that will help woodcrafters become accomplished in this art. It will teach you how to create fun and useful objects with nothing more than a pocket knife and a twig.
Big Book of Whittle Fun
Author: Chris Lubkemann
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated
ISBN: 1565235207
Pages: 127
Year: 2012
View: 1306
Read: 1287
Features items that can be made from whittling wood and that involve little training, expense, or skill to create, including a rowboat, knitting needles and crochet hooks, and a checkers game.
The Guy’s Guide to Pocket Knives
Author: Mike Yarbrough
Publisher: Ulysses Press
ISBN: 1612437524
Year: 2017-10-15
View: 842
Read: 297
PACKED WITH OVER 50 POCKET KNIFE TRICKS, IDEAS, AND ACTIVITIES, FROM FUN GAMES AND PROJECTS TO BADASS FIGHTING MOVES AND SURVIVAL TIPS. You should never be without a trusty pocket knife, nor should you lack the skills to wield it properly and with purpose. The Guy’s Guide to Pocket Knives is sure to sharpen your skills and hone your appreciation for the pocket knife with nostalgic, humorous and informative sections on: • History and Evolution • Blade Types and Uses • Sharpening Guides • Games and Pastimes • Whittling Projects • Outdoor Survival Skills • Throwing Techniques
Whittlin' Whistles
Author: Rick Wiebe
Publisher: Linden Publishing
ISBN: 1610351592
Pages: 80
Year: 2012-04-01
View: 678
Read: 918
One of the signature projects whittlers enjoy working on is the whistle, and this book addresses each and every detail of successful whistle making. With a pocket knife and some readily available materials, most of which can be gathered from nature, beginning carvers will produce fun and attractive whistles that they can show off to their friends. Designed to be understandable to both younger readers and adult beginners, the book features numerous full-color instructional photos for each project and provides a strong emphasis on safety and tool care. Featured projects include the classic slip bark whistle, tube whistles, a kazoo, a vuvuzuela, and reed whistles.
50 Things to Do with a Penknife
Author: Matt Collins
Publisher: Pavilion
ISBN: 1911216864
Pages: 144
Year: 2017-08-03
View: 337
Read: 1017
A beautifully presented, practical gift guide to the age-old art of whittling. There are 50 projects featured in the book, ranging from quick makes to more elaborate projects, and even a chapter on creating things from cork. The 8 main themes are: Quick Things – including a doorstop, a bookmark and a gift-box book; Into The Woods – including a willow whistle, walking stick, fish hook and slingshot; Around The House – including chopsticks, coat and crochet hooks; Cork Creations – including a succulent pot, stamp, and earphones spool; Ornamental Carving – including a boat, a deer and a spinning top; Kitchen Carving – including a carrot flute, apple candle and onion flower; The Natural World – including a bird feeder and instructions to prepare a fish for cooking, a graft an apple tree. The projects cater for a range of skill levels and the instructions are complemented by smart step-by-step illustrations, which highlight the tactile quality of the material in hand. The book also includes an introduction with advice on selecting a penknife, maintaining your blade, choosing your caving material, and carving techniques. Featuring the ultimate crossover of cool craftsmanship and savvy survival-skill projects, this book is the perfect gift for creative adventurers.
20-Minute Whittling Projects
Author: Tom Hindes
Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing
ISBN: 1565238672
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-04
View: 948
Read: 185
Learn the fast and simple way to whittle in this fun introduction to woodcarving. Discover how to whittle in less time while you have more fun! One of the joys of whittling with a pocket knife is that you can do it just about anywhere. You don't need any fancy equipment... and you don't even need much spare time. Author Tom Hindes demonstrates his easy-to-learn, quick-cut method for whittling expressive little figures from wood in just 20 minutes or less. With his friendly instructions and step-by-step photos, you'll learn to carve an endless array of charming wizards, gnomes, gargoyles, ornaments, dogs, leprechauns, and more. These super-short projects are perfect for learning basic caricature carving skills. They also make wonderful little gifts for random acts of kindness. Leave one along with your tip at the local restaurant, or give one to your favorite cashier. Children especially enjoy receiving them as souvenirs.
Woodworking for Young Makers
Author: Loyd Blankenship, Lane Boyd
Publisher: Maker Media, Inc.
ISBN: 1680452789
Pages: 90
Year: 2017-03-03
View: 317
Read: 366
Learning to be a maker has never been more fun. Full-color cartoons and drawings lead you through the steps needed for making a wizard wand, a sanding block, a charging station for your phone or tablet, and a sturdy box with a hidden compartment. You'll learn how to choose and use the right tools, measure and cut properly, sand, glue, and finish your woodworking projects to make them look great. This is the perfect guide for young people who want to do woodworking at home, at school, or at a local makerspace. It teaches fundamental skills and unlocks creativity. No prior experience or knowledge of tools is required. Everything you need to know is explained in the text and cartoons. This easy-to-follow guide is suitable for all ages. It features: Lavish cartoons and line artStep-by-step instructions with full-color artProjects that are fun and usefulBasic skills, handy tips, and safety precautions Woodworking is the most universally useful of crafts. In this book, young adults will learn to work successfully with standard hand tools found in any garage or basement workshop and in any school shop class. The skills learned here will unlock a lifetime of useful skills and satisfying accomplishments.
Carving for Kids
Author: Robin Edward Trudel
Publisher: Linden Pub
ISBN: 1933502029
Pages: 95
Year: 2006
View: 1188
Read: 1137
A guide to basic woodcarving introduces the tools and techniques necessary to complete simple projects and includes detailed instructions and photographs for each step.
Swiss Army Knives
Author: Derek Jackson
Publisher: Chartwell Books
ISBN: 0785836349
Pages: 208
Year: 2018-09-04
View: 359
Read: 508
Switzerland is not a country we associate with war. Nor is it a major steel-producing country. Yet the Swiss Army Knife, originally produced by a Swiss master cutler for the Swiss armed forces, is now recognized throughout the world. Like the Rolls-Royce or the Zippo lighter, it has become part of mythology, an icon that represents a standard of quality and versatility which has carried through from the 19th into the 21st century. The basic design of the knife has changed little since Karl Elsener patented the first Swiss Officer’s Knife in 1897, but the context within which the knives are now used would have astonished him. Elsener’s knives have been used at the top of Mount Everest and on coral reefs; astronauts carry them in the Space Shuttle; they have saved lives on the ocean, in the air and in the desert. This fascinating, colorfully illustrated celebration of one of the great icons of Swiss culture: in France it’s the Couteau Swiss, in Germany the Schweizer Messer, and to the English speaking world it’s the Victorinox Swiss Army Knife—used by military programs the world over, given away as gifts to guests by the White House (Lyndon Johnson did it first), and today brought right up to date, the range boasts a version with a USB memory stick. Charles Elsener, the fourth son of a hat-maker, decided not to enter the family business but to become a cutler. After serving his apprenticeship in south Germany, he opened his own business near Schwyz in Switzerland. Soon after, in 1891, he formed the Swiss Cutlery Guild with the main aim of producing soldiers’ knives for the Swiss Army, which had to date been bought from German sources. By the end of the year the first batch had been delivered and Elsener’s plan proved a success—the first knife, known by name rather than type number—the Soldier’s knife—had a blade, awl, can opener, and screwdriver. Then the development started: as well as the simple Soldier’s knife he quickly developed the Student Knife, the Cadet Knife and Farmer’s Knife. Because the Soldier’s knife was heavy, Elsener developed the lighter Officer’s knife, with an added second blade and a corkscrew. On 26 April 2005 Victorinox acquired Wenger, its historic rival and the other official supplier of the Swiss Army knife. It also started expanding its product range to include fragrances, travel gear, and watches. Victorinox has since licensed the Swiss Army brand and shield logo to companies producing watches, writing tools, luggage and clothing. Victorinox produces some 34,000 Swiss Army knives, 38,000 multi-tools, and 30,000 household, kitchen, and knives per workday. Approximately 90 percent of its production is exported to more than 100 countries. With a wide reach and diverse product development, it's no wonder their knives are so popular.
Put Your Stamp on It
Author: Meagan Lewis
Publisher: Chronicle Books
ISBN: 1452139725
Pages: 144
Year: 2014-04-22
View: 1059
Read: 380
Stationery lovers, paper crafters, hand-printing enthusiasts and anyone looking to make personalized gifts will love the simple, colorful projects found in Put Your Stamp On It. Irresistibly cheerful, this book offers step-by-step instructions for hand-stamped gift wrap, tea towels, totes, aprons, and even hair accessories made with reverse printing, layering, borders, and more! Charming illustrations and vibrant photography inspire an endless variety of stamped creations. Best of all, the book includes directions for carving handmade rubber stamps to print on wood, fabric, and paper for a truly personal touch. So go ahead—put your stamp on it!
How to Whittle
Author: Josh Nava
ISBN: 1631868918
Pages: 144
Year: 2018-03-13
View: 411
Read: 179
How to whittle contains 25 beautiful and original designs to carve by hand. Featuring a range of projects from finely polished butter paddles and lovespoons to a custom-made coatrack, this book also provides advice on selecting the best wood for your projects together with details of a range of finishes that will take the items from rustic objects to stunning showpieces.
Easy Wood Carving for Children
Author: Frank Egholm
ISBN: 1782505156
Pages: 128
Year: 2018-08-16
View: 684
Read: 769
The Swiss Army Knife Whittling Book, specially designed for children.