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The Students are Watching
Author: Nancy Faust Sizer
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807095710
Pages: 160
Year: 2012-01-31
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In this groundbreaking book, Theodore and Nancy Sizer insist that students learn not just from their classes but from their school's routines and rituals, especially about matters of character. They convince us once again of what we may have forgotten: that we need to create schools that constantly demonstrate a belief in their students.
The Students Are Watching
Author: Theodore R. Sizer, Nancy Faust Sizer
Publisher: Beacon Press
ISBN: 0807031216
Pages: 160
Year: 2000-07
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Students learn not just from their classe but from their school's routines and rituals, especially about matters of character, Theodore and Nancy Sizer insist in this groundbreaking book. They convince us once again of what we may have forgotten: We need to create schools that constantly demonstrate a belief in their students. In such schools, children will not only meet important academic goals, but also acquire good intellectual habits and develop their own moral agency. Only then will students go on to make wise and principled decisions--even when their teachers are no longer watching.
The Students are Watching
Author: Theodore R. Sizer, Nancy Faust Sizer
Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)
Pages: 133
Year: 1999
View: 1321
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"In this groundbreaking book, [the authors] insist that children learn not just from their classes but from their school's routines and rituals, especially about matters of character. They convince us once again of what we may have forgotten: that we need to create schools that constantly demonstrate a belief in their students." --Back cover.
Collaborative Leadership
Author: Hank Rubin
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1452261237
Pages: 160
Year: 2009-03-09
View: 519
Read: 263
Build and maintain successful collaborative relationships in your school—and watch resources for student achievement soar! With this updated bestseller, educators discover how to use collaboration to shape school culture and help their students learn. Visionary Hank Rubin provides a broad overview of collaboration in education and lays the foundation for working with colleagues, establishing strong partnerships, and cooperating with students to achieve goals. Filled with practical examples and the latest research, this resource examines 14 phases of collaboration and helps educators: Understand the skills and characteristics that foster successful collaboration Nurture relationships with students Build collaborative community relationships
Finding the Story Behind the Numbers
Author: James Cox
Publisher: Corwin Press
ISBN: 1483360113
Pages: 144
Year: 2006-12-20
View: 1148
Read: 1184
Learn to define a quality program, analyze what is and is not working, and avoid "test score fatigue" with a user-friendly, three-part framework for school improvement.
The Red Pencil
Author: Theodore R. Sizer
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 0300128517
Pages: 160
Year: 2008-10-01
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Read: 1100
This engaging and important book is a critique of American education wrapped in a memoir. Drawing on his fifty years as teacher, principal, researcher, professor, and dean, Theodore R. Sizer identifies three crucial areas in which policy discussion about public education has been dangerously silent. He argues that we must break that silence and rethink how to educate our youth. Sizer discusses our failure to differentiate between teaching and learning, noting that formal schooling must adapt to and confront the powerful influences found outside traditional classrooms. He examines the practical as well as philosophical necessity for sharing policy-making authority among families, schools, and centralized governments. And he denounces our fetish with order, our belief that the familiar routines that have existed for generations are the only way to bring learning to children. Sizer provides alternatives to these failed routines—guidelines for creating a new educational system that would, among other things, break with wasteful traditional practice, utilize agencies and arrangements beyond the school building, and design each child’s educational program around his or her particular needs and potential.
Sahara Special
Author: Esmé Raji Codell
ISBN: 0439692482
Pages: 175
Year: 2003
View: 828
Read: 865
Struggling with school and her feelings since her father left, Sahara gets a fresh start with a new and unique teacher who supports her writing talents and the individuality of each of her classmates.
Why We Teach
Author: Sonia Nieto
Publisher: Teachers College Press
ISBN: 0807745936
Pages: 242
Year: 2005
View: 664
Read: 1053
In Memoriam for Julia Gardner.
Introduction to Teaching
Author: Don Kauchak, Paul Eggen
Publisher: Pearson
ISBN: 0135269350
Pages: 560
Year: 2018-07-15
View: 695
Read: 1174

Classroom Power Relations
Author: Mary Manke
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135687005
Pages: 184
Year: 1997-08-01
View: 586
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This book is based on a careful theorizing of classroom power relations that sees them as constructed from the actions of all participants. Contrary to the common assumption that the teacher is the source of classroom power, it sees that power as arising from the interaction between students and teachers. If power is owned by the teacher, she is completely responsible for events in the classroom, whether or not she chooses to share her power/control/authority with the students. If, as this book claims, power is the joint creation of all participants, teachers are freed from an excessive and damaging weight of responsibility for classroom events and outcomes. The shared responsibility between students and teachers for what happens in the classroom is brought to light. Based on an ethnographic study of three elementary classrooms, this book offers a careful look at the workings of classroom power. It is of interest both to those seeking to understand power relations from this theoretical viewpoint and to those whose concern is with the daily workings of classrooms, often called classroom management. Questions explored in this book include: * How do teachers organize time and space in classrooms as part of their contribution to the development of classroom power relations? * What kinds of discourse choices do they make, and why? * How do students contribute to defining what will count as classroom knowledge, and how do they resist teacher agendas as they play their part in constructing classroom power relations?
Theologians and Contract Law
Author: Wim Decock
Publisher: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers
ISBN: 9004232842
Pages: 724
Year: 2012
View: 912
Read: 407
In "Theologians and Contract Law," Wim Decock offers an account of the moral roots of modern contract law. He explains why theologians in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries built a systematic contract law around the principles of freedom and fairness.
Crossing the Stage
Author: Nancy Faust Sizer
Publisher: Heinemann Educational Books
ISBN: 0325004129
Pages: 244
Year: 2002
View: 1063
Read: 1160
Recent headlines attest to the apathy, absenteeism, and lost opportunity that are widespread among high school seniors. Senior year is harder than most of us remember, yet the author sees this period as an opportunity.
Start where You Are, But Don't Stay There
Author: H. Richard Milner
ISBN: 1934742767
Pages: 233
Year: 2010
View: 164
Read: 629
Start Where You Are, But Don't Stay There addresses a crucial issue in teacher training and professional education: the need to prepare preservice and inservice teachers for the racially diverse student populations in their classrooms. The book centers on case studies that exemplify the challenges, pitfalls, and opportunities facing teachers in diverse classrooms. These case studies of white and African American teachers working (and preparing to work) in urban and suburban settings are presented amid more general discussions about race and teaching in contemporary schools. Informing these discussions and the cases themselves is their persistent attention to opportunity gaps that need to be fully grasped by teachers who aim to understand and promote the success of students of greatly varying backgrounds.
The Economics of Contracts
Author: Bernard Salanié
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 0262195259
Pages: 244
Year: 2005-03-11
View: 232
Read: 444
A concise introduction to the theory of contracts, emphasizing basic tools that allow the reader to understand the main theoretical models; revised and updated throughout for this edition.
Framing Contract Law
Author: Victor P. Goldberg
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674023129
Pages: 411
Year: 2006
View: 393
Read: 760
The central theme of this book is that an economic framework--incorporating such concepts as information asymmetry, moral hazard, and adaptation to changed circumstances--is appropriate for contract interpretation, analyzing contract disputes, and developing contract doctrine. The value of the approach is demonstrated through the close analysis of major contract cases. In many of the cases, had the court (and the litigators) understood the economic context, the analysis and results would have been very different. Topics and some representative cases include consideration (Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon), interpretation (Bloor v. Falstaff and Columbia Nitrogen v. Royster), remedies (Campbell v. Wentz, Tongish v. Thomas, and Parker v. Twentieth Century Fox), and excuse (Alcoa v. Essex).