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The Routledge Modern Greek Reader
Author: Maria Kaliambou
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317610571
Pages: 180
Year: 2015-05-01
View: 563
Read: 1165
The Routledge Modern Greek Reader has been specially designed for post-beginners to advanced learners of Greek. Written by an experienced instructor, this innovative reader offers both students and teachers of Modern Greek the pedagogical tools to utilise richly textured folktale material in a language class. Students can develop their linguistic skills while simultaneously engaging with the broader social and cultural context of the language. Features include: Twenty five readings organised according to level of difficulty, beginning with easy short stories and progressing onto more advanced level texts Vocabulary lists with English translations and vocabulary in context supporting each reading Comprehension questions in each chapter to help foster stronger reading and writing skills Language exercises and subject specific tasks to stimulate classroom discussion and help students develop strong essay writing skills in Greek Three folktales presented in different dialects at the end of the book to help students understand variety within the Greek language itself A complete Greek-English glossary and a list of all idiomatic expressions and colloquial phrases found in the folktales. Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Modern Greek Reader is an essential tool for increasing language proficiency skills and enriching students’ cultural knowledge.
Greek Today
Author: Peter Bien
Publisher: UPNE
ISBN: 1584650338
Pages: 567
Year: 2004
View: 1243
Read: 1161
A new approach for teaching Modern Greek, using songs, poems, cartoons, and contemporary dialogues
Greek: An Essential Grammar of the Modern Language
Author: David Holton, Peter Mackridge, Irene Philippaki-Warburton
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317396774
Pages: 296
Year: 2016-04-14
View: 239
Read: 1308
Greek: An Essential Grammar is a concise and user-friendly reference guide to modern Greek. It presents a fresh and accessible description of the language in short, readable sections. Explanations are clear and supported by examples throughout. This new edition has been revised and updated to present an accurate and accessible description of the most important aspects of modern Greek. Features include: clear and up-to-date examples special attention to those points which often cause problems to English-speaking learners Greek/English comparisons and contrasts highlighted throughout. Greek: An Essential Grammar is ideal for learners involved in independent study and for students in schools, colleges, universities and adult classes of all types. Levels CEFR scale A1-B2 and ACTFL level Low-Intermediate to Advanced.
The Routledge Intermediate Hindi Reader
Author: Naresh Sharma, Tej K. Bhatia
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317962850
Pages: 242
Year: 2015-10-30
View: 1179
Read: 184
The Routledge Intermediate Hindi Reader has been specially designed for intermediate and advanced learners of Hindi and comprises a broad selection of graded readings. The materials have been carefully selected to ensure that students receive exposure to a wide variety of authentic Hindi texts, including news and magazine articles, extracts from social media websites, film dialogues and contemporary Hindi literature. Each reading is fully supported by: pre-reading activities notes on cultural references in the text a vocabulary list with English translation notes on key grammatical points arising from the text text-related comprehension questions and vocabulary-based exercises suggestions for writing and discussion activities based on the text a key to comprehension questions and vocabulary-based exercises online support which includes audio recordings and translations of texts, available at Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Hindi Reader is an essential tool for increasing language proficiency and enriching learners’ cultural knowledge.
The Routledge Modern German Reader
Author: Maryann Overstreet
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317484029
Pages: 316
Year: 2016-01-13
View: 664
Read: 1066
The Routledge Modern German Reader is designed for intermediate and advanced learners of German. It provides a clear and engaging introduction to reading authentic German language texts for learners who wish to move beyond elementary course material to more rewarding works of fiction and non-fiction. Features include: twenty-eight readings, graded according to difficulty, beginning with shorter, simpler texts and progressing to longer, more complex texts fourteen literary texts, written by well-known writers from German-speaking countries, on universal themes and fourteen non-literary texts from magazines, newspapers and the internet, featuring a range of engaging topics relating to culture, society and history varied, contextualized pre- and post- reading exercises designed to stimulate discussion, develop comprehension strategies, expand and refine vocabulary, and foster awareness of grammatical structures as they occur in authentic contexts a German-English glossary with separate vocabulary lists for each chapter and a complete answer key available at Suitable for both classroom use and independent study, The Routledge Modern German Reader provides insights into the culture of German-speaking countries while also acting as a stimulus to further independent reading. It is an essential tool for developing vocabulary and increasing reading proficiency.
333 Modern Greek Verbs
Author: Theodore C. Papaloizos
Publisher: Papaloizos Pub: Greek123
ISBN: 0932416047
Pages: 414
Year: 2007
View: 164
Read: 971

The Uses of Greek Mythology
Author: Ken Dowden
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134926278
Pages: 216
Year: 2002-09-11
View: 269
Read: 1277
In an innovative sequence of topics, Ken Dowden explores the uses Greeks made of myth and the uses to which we can put myth in recovering the richness of their culture. Most aspects of Greek life and history - including war, religion and sexuality - which are discernable through myth, as well as most modern approaches, are given a context in a book which is designed to be useful, accessible and stimulating.
Nature, Culture and Gender
Author: P. Mary Vidya Porselvi
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 131719666X
Pages: 196
Year: 2016-04-20
View: 816
Read: 238
Folktales in India have been told, heard, read and celebrated for many centuries. In breaking new ground, Indian folktales have been reread and examined in the light of the Mother Earth discourse as it manifests in the lifeworlds of women, nature and language. The book introduces ecofeminist criticism and situates it within an innovative folktale typology to connect women and environment through folklore. The book proposes an innovative paradigm inspired by the beehive to analyze motifs, relationships, concerns, worldviews and consciousness of indigenous women and men who live close to nature as well as other socially marginalized groups. In the current global context fraught with challenges for ecology and hopes for sustainable development, this book with its interdisciplinary approach will interest scholars and researchers of literature, environmental studies, gender studies and cultural anthropology.
Beginner's Greek
Author: Elizabeth G. Uhlig
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 0781811406
Pages: 404
Year: 2006-05-01
View: 1176
Read: 729
This popular introduction to modern Greek, ideal for both individual and classroom use, is now accompanied by 2 audio CDs! The 12 lessons combine dialogues with easy-to-follow grammatical explanations, and include vocabulary, cultural information, and exercises that reinforce the material covered. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, allowing the student to gain confidence and mastery over the language. The audio CDs complement the dialogue and vocabulary sections of the book, helping the student to understand the language as spoken.
The Routlege Intermediate Korean Reader
Author: Jaehoon Yeon, Jieun Kiaer, Lucien Brown
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134065035
Pages: 206
Year: 2013-08-15
View: 688
Read: 396
The Routledge Intermediate Korean Reader is a comprehensive reader designed to provide varied, stimulating and up-to-date reading material for learners of Korean at the intermediate level. The Korean Reader provides a bridge between basic literacy skills and the ability to read full novels and newspapers in Korean. It consists of eighteen readings, graded on the basis of complexity of vocabulary, grammar and syntax. These readings present a range of different text types representative of modern Korean literary and popular writing which will inspire learners to continue reading independently in Korean. It is ideal for learners who already possess knowledge of essential grammar and vocabulary and who wish to expand their knowledge of the language through contextualized reading material. Key features include: extracts of modern literature and newspaper/magazine articles vocabulary lists for quick reference short grammar explanations of any complicated structures comprehension and discussion questions full answer key at the back. Suitable for both class use and independent study, The Routledge Intermediate Korean Reader is an essential tool for facilitating vocabulary learning and increasing reading proficiency. The Reader is ideal for learners at the intermediate-mid or intermediate high who are aiming to achieve advanced proficiency according to the ACTFL proficiency guidelines. In terms of the Common European Framework this equates to a progression from A2 through to B1/B2.
Folklore: The Basics
Author: Simon J. Bronner
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317420977
Pages: 240
Year: 2016-10-04
View: 915
Read: 1091
Folklore: The Basics is an engaging guide to the practice and interpretation of folklore. Taking examples from around the world, it explores the role of folklore in expressing fundamental human needs, desires, and anxieties that often are often not revealed through other means. Providing a clear framework for approaching the study of folklore, it introduces the reader to methodologies for identifying, documenting, interpreting and applying key information about folklore and its relevance to modern life. From the Brothers Grimm to Internet Memes, it addresses such topics as: What is folklore? How do we study it? Why does folklore matter? How does folklore relate to elite culture? Is folklore changing in a digital age? With case studies, suggestions for reading and a glossary of key terminology, Folklore: The Basics supports readers in becoming familiar with folkloric traditions and interpret cultural expression. It is an essential read for anyone approaching the study of folklore for the first time.
Classical Mythology: The Basics
Author: Richard Martin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317539168
Pages: 172
Year: 2016-04-28
View: 788
Read: 335
This is an engaging introduction which explores the latest thinking about Classical mythology, the history of interpreting myths and the role of myths in cultural tradition, from painting to opera, philosophy, politics, drama, and religion in the modern day. It answers such questions as what are ancient myths and who invented them where do gods come from what makes a hero how is Classical myth used in the modern world and what approaches are there to the study of myth? Featuring further reading and case studies from antiquity to the modern day, this is an essential introduction to the myths which have been a fundamental part of Western culture throughout history.
Modern Greek: Workbook
Author: Theodore C. Papaloizos
Publisher: Papaloizos Pub: Greek123
ISBN: 0932416543
Pages: 339
Year: 1993-01-01
View: 817
Read: 403

The Routledge Handbook of Greek Mythology
Author: Robin Hard
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 0415186366
Pages: 753
Year: 2004
View: 588
Read: 411
This new edition is a completely rewritten and revised version of Rose's original, seminal, text. Adding a huge amount of new material, Robin Hard incorporates the results of the latest research into his authoritative accounts of all the gods and heroes. The narrative framework of the book includes helpful signposting so that the book can be used as work of reference, and alongside the narrative chapters, it includes full documentation of the ancient sources, maps, and genealogical tables. Illustrated throughout with numerous photographs and line drawings, it will remain the definitive account of ancient Greek mythology for generations to come.
Postcolonial Audiences
Author: Bethan Benwell, James Procter, Gemma Robinson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136454381
Pages: 280
Year: 2012-03-12
View: 739
Read: 984
Without readers and audiences, viewers and consumers, the postcolonial would be literally unthinkable. And yet, postcolonial critics have historically neglected the modes of reception and consumption that make up the politics, and pleasures of meaning-making during and after empire. Thus, while recent criticism and theory has made large claims for reading; as an ethical act; as a means of establishing collective, quasi-political consciousness; as identification with difference; as a mode of resistance; and as an impulsion to the public imagination, the reader in postcolonial literary studies persists as a shadowy figure. This collection answers the now pressing need for a distinctively postcolonial take on the rapidly expanding area of reader and reception studies. Written by some of the top scholars in the field, these essays reveal readers and reception to be varied and profoundly unstable subjects that challenge many of our assumptions and preconceptions of the postcolonial – from the notion of reading as national fellowship to the demands of an ethics of reading.