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The Ranch
Author: Sean Liscom
ISBN: 154965778X
Pages: 450
Year: 2017-09-03
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Jason Sterling had a simple life by all accounts. He had worked the same job his entire adult life, he had never married and he had no children. He was used to doing things on his own. His comfortable life was shaken to the core the day he learned of his fathers death. It was a mysterious meeting that set life altering events in motion and the allure of a new life was too great to walk away from. When an Electromagnetic Pulse brings the modern world to its knees, Jason's choice proves to be the right one.
Starting the Slowpocalypse
Author: James Litherland
Publisher: Outpost Stories
Pages: 966
Year: 2015-07-20
View: 412
Read: 237
Everything will change. But the moment has been prepared for. When Director Jonathan Miles seals the compound containing the first Federal University and Research Complex to keep the facilities out of the hands of a secessionist governor, he sets off a chain of events hastening the collapse of an already crumbling civilization. Facing threats from without and within, the imperiled community created to build a better future will struggle to survive… (Contains the complete text of Slowpocalypse Book 1: Certain Hypothetical, Book 2: Threat Multiplication, and Book 3: Compromised Inside, plus the prequel short story Durable Impressions.) And the adventure continues in Book 4: Peripheral Encounters.
Author: James L. Haley
ISBN: 1458760154
Pages: 660
Year: 2010
View: 292
Read: 691
Jack London was born a working-class, fatherless Californian in 1876. In his youth he was a boundlessly energetic adventurer on the bustling West Coast - by turns playing the role of hobo, sailor, prospector, and oyster pirate. He spent his brief life rapidly accumulating the experiences that would inform his acclaimed, best-selling books: The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and The Sea Wolf. London was plagued by contradictions. He chronicled nature at its most savage, but wept helplessly at the deaths of his favorite animals. At his peak the highest-paid writer in America, he was nevertheless constantly broke. An irrepressibly optimistic crusader for social justice, he burned himself out at forty: sick, angry, and disillusioned, but leaving behind a voluminous literary legacy, much of it ripe for rediscovery. In Wolf, award-winning author James L. Haley explores the forgotten Jack London - at once a hard-living globetrotter and a man alive with ideas, whose passion for social justice roared until the day he died. Returning London to his proper place in the American pantheon, Wolf resurrects a major American novelist in his full fire and glory.
Solar Storm
Author: Marcus Richardson
Publisher: The Freeholder Press
Pages: 201
Year: 2018-01-14
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To secure peace…prepare for war. The Cantrells have survived everything the world threw at them since the lights went out, but what’s coming will test each and every one of the group, pushing them to their very limits. When they struck deep at the heart of the Grover County Militia, they not only took a stand against tyranny, they took sides in a civil war. Now is the calm before the storm. They know what’s coming. They know who’s hunting them. But they have only one option as winter engulfs their northern Michigan refuge: prepare for battle. Will they have time enough to heal? Will they have time enough to build? Will they have time enough to arm and train? Will they have time enough to love and recover? Or will the fight find them at last…
Dark Days Rough Roads
Author: Matthew Mark
ISBN: 0989004511
Pages: 422
Year: 2013-02
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EMP strikes the country and a man embarks on a dangerous journey to get his daughter home safely from college while society starts to collapse. He meets friends and enemies as him as his family fight to get to safety.
Death of Civilization
Author: Nathan Hale
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
ISBN: 1480044334
Pages: 590
Year: 2012-10-01
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October 2012 Revised Edition The world's financial system is collapsing and this crisis is being used to begin the coup in America that will finally end the "American Experiment." Two related groups of prepared citizens have run to their survival retreats, one in southern Ohio, the Compound, and the other in eastern Kentucky, the Farm, with the intention of hiding until they know if the coup is successful, or if everything simply goes out of control. The Compound is commanded by a retired Marine Lieutenant General known by his Seal Team name, Iceman. The Farm is commanded by his older son, a retired Marine Colonel known also by his Seal Team name, Mack. Both groups share the same goal, to survive whatever is about to happen. Over the first week they quietly watch as things begin to deteriorate both in America and around the world. Because the government has terminated the internet and cell phones while actively monitoring all land telephone lines, along with controlling all television signals, their information sources are limited to the CB radio and shortwave radio signals. Nevertheless, these signals are sufficient to allow the real truth to be told. A nuclear war has started in the Middle East and, in America; massive riots have begun in the cities. Then, as they watch everything irrevocably slide out of control, someone, somewhere makes a mistake. In the mid-70's the first space based kinetic energy weapons platform was put into space. This system, along with its sister systems that were put into space by the other major powers, consists of platinum rods with a guidance package and a booster rocket. They are designed to impact the earth's surface with a force roughly equal to that of a forty megaton hydrogen bomb, only without the radiation. Because of the limited amount of time available to respond if these platforms were attacked all of the major powers had made their systems automatic and computer controlled. Whatever happened that caused these systems to fire the result was that in less than an hour over half of Earth's population die's as the kinetic energy weapon systems rain tens of thousands of missiles onto the planet's surface destroying military targets, cities and infrastructure everywhere. With the electrical grid destroyed, along with most major cities, all military bases, and the supporting infrastructure of our civilization, the citizens in the Compound and the Farm now find themselves attempting to help as many survivors as possible. While they have limited supplies available to them, they still reach out to their neighbors with offers of help and the information the neighbors will need to help them to also survive what is coming. As they experience the rapid cooling off of the planet because of the vast amount of debris thrown into the mesosphere, which is preventing the suns energy from reaching the surface, they are also fighting to keep the supplies they have accumulated from being taken by their enemies. Since they know that they are now facing a multi-year winter, loss of those supplies is nothing short of a death sentence. When the coup began, only a few weeks before, the governments new enforcement arm, the Citizens Army for Liberty (CAL), which has nothing to do with citizens (except to discipline them), or liberty, but is an army, was introduced. With their food, military supplies, and bases destroyed along with the cities they had been in, CAL is forced to forage for the food it needs to support its men, regardless of just who they have to kill to accomplish their goal. The citizen survivors are forced to defend themselves against the depredations of CAL while preparing for a "nuclear" winter, a multi-year winter that the world hadn't seen since the start of the last Ice Age!
Hacker Crackdown
Author: Bruce Sterling
ISBN: 1535486902
Pages: 292
Year: 2016-07-27
View: 1051
Read: 516
A history of hacker sub-culture in the 1990s - from Operation Sun Devil to the formation of the EFF.
A Road Away
Author: Val Muren
ISBN: 1549604899
Pages: 214
Year: 2017-08-28
View: 893
Read: 476
A series of inexplicable disasters strike New York City. They befall the urban behemoth one after the other rendering people completely defenseless and unprepared for what is to come. Stranded amidst a crumbling metropolis, Stan, has to mobilize all his abilities to escape the trap that the city has become. On a dull autumn morning New York City is shaken by the news of a collapsed Lincoln Tunnel, a major artery connecting New York City to mainland. Fearing a terrorist attack authorities increase security and try to contain the situation. To make matters worse an ominous storm moves in intensifying the panic as world's busiest city is shut down and quarantined off. Amidst all of the havoc and chaos, Stan must attempt to escape the city to the mainland where there is still a chance for survival. But getting there is only half the battle - an unknown disease starts spreading through the population, cutting it down like a scythe. And as the familiar world crumbles and disintegrates he is faced with new foes - ones borne by the disease and the fellow citizens who's been freed from the bounds of law.How far will the government go to maintain their grip on power and control? How hard must one fight against an enemy that is completely unknown? How deep will scars of isolation and destruction become? Once survival becomes the only priority - how low will humanity fall? *Warning - explicit language and content.
Punk Rock: So What?
Author: Roger Sabin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134699069
Pages: 272
Year: 2002-09-11
View: 1185
Read: 672
It's now over twenty years since punk pogo-ed its way into our consciousness. Punk Rock So What?brings together a new generation of academics, writers and journalists to provide the first comprehensive assessment of punk and its place in popular music history, culture and myth. The contributors, who include Suzanne Moore, Lucy OBrien, Andy Medhurst, Mark Sinker and Paul Cobley, challenge standard views of punk prevalent since the 1970s. They: * re-situate punk in its historical context, analysing the possible origins of punk in the New York art scene and Manchester clubs as well as in Malcolm McClarens brain * question whether punk deserves its reputation as an anti-fascist, anti-sexist movement which opened up opportunities for women musicians and fans alike. * trace punks long-lasting influence on comics, literature, art and cinema as well as music and fashion, from films such as Sid and Nancy and The Great Rock n Roll Swindle to work by contemporary artists such as Gavin Turk and Sarah Lucas. * discuss the role played by such key figures as Johnny Rotten, Richard Hell, Malcolm McClaren, Mark E. Smith and Viv Albertine. Punk Rock Revisited kicks over the statues of many established beliefs about the meaning of punk, concluding that, if anything, punk was more culturally significant than anybody has yet suggested, but perhaps for different reasons.
Manufacturing Consent
Author: Edward S. Herman, Noam Chomsky
Publisher: Pantheon
ISBN: 0307801624
Pages: 480
Year: 2011-07-06
View: 520
Read: 671
An intellectual dissection of the modern media to show how an underlying economics of publishing warps the news. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Korean Chaos
Author: Pete Thorsen
ISBN: 1974584550
Pages: 122
Year: 2017-08-15
View: 604
Read: 1144
Lars and his family feel safe in their rural house in the middle of America. But with North Korea constantly threatening the United States and now knowing that Korea does have long range ICBM's and the nukes to fit them, things seem much more serious. So together the married couple decides to take a few precautions for 'just in case.' The question is have they done enough and done it soon enough? Can they protect their young daughter if something does happen?
Memoirs Of A Cold War Son
Author: Post, Jr. Gaines
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1587293048
Pages: 248
Year: 2002-04-25
View: 923
Read: 151
In 1951 Gaines Post was a gangly, bespectacled, introspective teenager preparing to spend a year in Paris with his professorial father and older brother; his mother, who suffered from extreme depression, had been absent from the family for some time. Ten years later, now less gangly but no less introspective, he was finishing a two-year stint in the army in West Germany and heading toward Oxford on a Rhodes scholarship, having narrowly escaped combat in the Berlin crisis of 1961. His quietly intense coming-of-age story is both self-revealing and reflective of an entire generation of young men who came to adulthood before the Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. Post's experiences in high school in Madison, Wisconsin, and Paris, his Camus-influenced undergraduate years at Cornell University, and his army service in Germany are set very effectively against the events of the Cold War. McCarthyism and American crackdowns on dissidents, American foreign and military policy in Western Europe in the nuclear age, French and German life and culture, crises in Paris and Berlin that nearly bring the West to war and the Post family to dissolution—these are the larger scenes and subjects of his self-disclosure as a contemplative, conflicted "Cold War agnostic." His intelligent, talented mother and her fragile health hover over Post's narrative, informing his hesitant relationships with women and his acutely questioning sense of self-worth. His story is strongly academic and historical as well as political and military; his perceptions and judgments lean toward no ideological extreme but remain true to the heroic ideals of his boyhood during the Second World War.
The Making of a Black Scholar
Author: Horace A. Porter
Publisher: University of Iowa Press
ISBN: 1587294370
Pages: 172
Year: 2005-04-01
View: 317
Read: 1239
This captivating and illuminating book is a memoir of a young black man moving from rural Georgia to life as a student and teacher in the Ivy League as well as a history of the changes in American education that developed in response to the civil rights movement, the war in Vietnam, and affirmative action. Born in 1950, Horace Porter starts out in rural Georgia in a house that has neither electricity nor running water. In 1968, he leaves his home in Columbus, Georgia—thanks to an academic scholarship to Amherst College—and lands in an upper-class, mainly white world. Focusing on such experiences in his American education, Porter's story is both unique and representative of his time. The Making of a Black Scholar is structured around schools. Porter attends Georgia's segregated black schools until he enters the privileged world of Amherst College. He graduates (spending one semester at Morehouse College) and moves on to graduate study at Yale. He starts his teaching career at Detroit's Wayne State University and spends the 1980s at Dartmouth College and the 1990s at Stanford University. Porter writes about working to establish the first black studies program at Amherst, the challenges of graduate study at Yale, the infamous Dartmouth Review, and his meetings with such writers and scholars as Ralph Ellison, Tillie Olsen, James Baldwin, and Henry Louis Gates, Jr. He ends by reflecting on an unforeseen move to the University of Iowa, which he ties into a return to the values of his childhood on a Georgia farm. In his success and the fulfillment of his academic aspirations, Porter represents an era, a generation, of possibility and achievement.
Edge of Collapse
Author: Alex Gunwick
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
ISBN: 1973817772
Pages: 434
Year: 2017-07-24
View: 497
Read: 1272
Luke is four hundred miles away from home when the first nuclear bomb drops. After narrowly escaping a nuclear explosion in San Francisco, the Navy SEAL must travel through a world without rule of law. Liz can't believe they're under attack. At first, it seems like things won't be too bad. Yet within hours, it seems like the whole world's gone crazy. With communication lines down, she's unable to reach her husband, Luke. Getting her kids to their Bug Out Location won't be easy, but she's determined to make it. It's well stocked and safely tucked away in a canyon. But as people begin to flee the cities, a new darkness spreads across America. Her struggle to survive rips apart her core values and forces her to examine what it means to be a mother, a wife, and a survivor.
Author: Douglas Rushkoff
Publisher: Harper San Francisco
Pages: 250
Year: 1994
View: 437
Read: 1189
A trip through modern computer culture that examines the cyberpunk movement, the hacker sub-culture, virtual reality, and smart drugs