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The Contentious Public Sphere
Author: Ya-Wen Lei
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400887941
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-11-14
View: 925
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Since the mid-2000s, public opinion and debate in China have become increasingly common and consequential, despite the ongoing censorship of speech and regulation of civil society. How did this happen? In The Contentious Public Sphere, Ya-Wen Lei shows how the Chinese state drew on law, the media, and the Internet to further an authoritarian project of modernization, but in so doing, inadvertently created a nationwide public sphere in China—one the state must now endeavor to control. Lei examines the influence this unruly sphere has had on Chinese politics and the ways that the state has responded. Using interviews, newspaper articles, online texts, official documents, and national surveys, Lei shows that the development of the public sphere in China has provided an unprecedented forum for citizens to influence the public agenda, demand accountability from the government, and organize around the concepts of law and rights. She demonstrates how citizens came to understand themselves as legal subjects, how legal and media professionals began to collaborate in unexpected ways, and how existing conditions of political and economic fragmentation created unintended opportunities for political critique, particularly with the rise of the Internet. The emergence of this public sphere—and its uncertain future—is a pressing issue with important implications for the political prospects of the Chinese people. Investigating how individuals learn to use public discourse to influence politics, The Contentious Public Sphere offers new possibilities for thinking about the transformation of state-society relations.
Ka Lei Ha'Aheo
Author: Alberta Pualani Hopkins
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 082481259X
Pages: 278
Year: 1992-01
View: 1141
Read: 1067
Ka Lei Ha' aheo: Beginning Hawaiian is a culturally oriented Hawaiian language textbook. Its grammar lessons include the relationship between the language and the Hawaiian world view. The book's dialogs are drawn from contemporary Hawaiian family life. Extensive classroom testing was used in developing Ka Lei Ha' aheo. Although it was designed for college use, it is also a handy resource for high schools and individuals, particularly because its companion volume, Ka Lei Ha' aheo: Teacher Guide and Answer Key provides English translations and answers to the exercises. The text's lively appeal is further enhanced with line drawings.
N_ Lei Makamae
Author: Marie A. McDonald, Paul R. Weissich
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824826493
Pages: 183
Year: 2003-01
View: 1121
Read: 441
"The authors present the lei art form not only in words but also pictures. Lavish color photographs by Jean Cote showcase each plant and lei (shown by itself or worn), as well as places throughout the Islands associated with specific flowers and plants, many of which are no longer abundant in the wild. To help conserve the source of na lei makamae, Hawai'i's native flora, the authors advise lei makers to cultivate their own plants. An appendix includes a complete list of lei plants, basic instructions for their propagation, and other sources for material."--BOOK JACKET.
Hawaiian Flower Lei Making
Author: Adren J. Bird, Josephine Puninani Kanekoa Bird
Publisher: University of Hawaii Press
ISBN: 0824811372
Pages: 140
Year: 1987
View: 1041
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"The explicit how-to instructions will be appreciated by any who would learn details on lei making: photos are clear, steps are thoroughly explained, and lei making is revealed from its simplest designs through the more complex blossom choices and lei skills." --Midwest Book Review
The Blade of Silence
Author: Mi Lei, Holger Nahm, Kim Fout, Judy Ye, Verbena C. W.
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 1492799564
Pages: 506
Year: 2013-10
View: 319
Read: 831
A perfect mix between Chinese versions of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Silence of the Lambs. The chief of the Public Security Bureau himself shoots a hostage-taker, killing him, but the man's corpse goes missing without a trace. Is this a hoax, or part of a deeper conspiracy? When a popular actress mysteriously disappears, the indecent images sent by her kidnappers are found to contain much more than meets the eye. Can he crack the code in time to save her life? Is he a loyal comrade-in-arms, or a deceptive jackal full of evil intentions? As they sit before a polygraph, a relaxed reminiscence between friends suddenly transforms into a battle of wits; a refrigerator that rumbles on day and night becomes a scene of hellish fright; in a bath house that has never been open for business, apart from the police officer found dead on his feet, another heart continues beating faintly. In the bleak solitude of the mountains, desperate cries fall flat against a tacit silence between heaven and earth. Through that remote village in China on which the sun has never shone flows a dark river. Its waters are churning with violence, blood, and despair. When a person's heart is full of darkness, evil grows there. The guilty one is not the person who commits the crime, but rather the one who created the darkness. Say not that you are innocent. When you choose to become a blind fish in the darkness, then each of us—you, me, and everybody else—becomes a part of that darkness. Will Fang Mu, who has survived his journey through Profiler and Skinner's Box, continue to choose goodness and strength from the swirling vortex that is his fate?
Fou Lei
Author: Mingyuan Hu
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 900434392X
Pages: 262
Year: 2017-05-25
View: 1056
Read: 353
In Fou Lei, the first critical study of one of modern China’s most significant public intellectuals, Mingyuan Hu investigates the critic-translator’s Shanghai-Paris trajectory and his moral and existential resistance against cultural and political barbarism.
Neither Donkey Nor Horse
Author: Sean Hsiang-lin Lei
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022616988X
Pages: 382
Year: 2014-09-09
View: 1312
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Neither Donkey nor Horse tells the story of how Chinese medicine was transformed from the antithesis of modernity in the early twentieth century into a potent symbol of and vehicle for China’s exploration of its own modernity half a century later. Instead of viewing this transition as derivative of the political history of modern China, Sean Hsiang-lin Lei argues that China’s medical history had a life of its own, one that at times directly influenced the ideological struggle over the meaning of China’s modernity and the Chinese state. Far from being a remnant of China’s premodern past, Chinese medicine in the twentieth century coevolved with Western medicine and the Nationalist state, undergoing a profound transformation—institutionally, epistemologically, and materially—that resulted in the creation of a modern Chinese medicine. This new medicine was derided as “neither donkey nor horse” because it necessarily betrayed both of the parental traditions and therefore was doomed to fail. Yet this hybrid medicine survived, through self-innovation and negotiation, thus challenging the conception of modernity that rejected the possibility of productive crossbreeding between the modern and the traditional. By exploring the production of modern Chinese medicine and China’s modernity in tandem, Lei offers both a political history of medicine and a medical history of the Chinese state.
Medical Ventilator System Basics: a Clinical Guide
Author: Yuan Lei
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019878497X
Pages: 272
Year: 2017-05-25
View: 615
Read: 192
Medical Ventilator System Basics: A clinical guide is a user-friendly guide to the basic principles and the technical aspects of mechanical ventilation and modern complex ventilator systems. Designed to be used at the bed side by busy clinicians, this book demystifies the internal workings of ventilators so they can be used with confidence for day-to-day needs, for advanced ventilation, as well as for patients who are difficult to wean off the ventilator. Using clear language, the author guides the reader from pneumatic principles to the anatomy and physiology of respiration. Split into 16 easy to read chapters, this guide discusses the system components such as the ventilator, breathing circuit, and humidifier, and considers the major ventilator functions, including the control parameters and alarms. Including over 200 full-colour illustrations and practical troubleshooting information you can rely on, regardless of ventilator models or brands, this guide is an invaluable quick-reference resource for both experienced and inexperienced users.
Preparation for the Next Life
Author: Atticus Lish
Publisher: Oneworld Publications
ISBN: 1780747780
Pages: 432
Year: 2015-04-02
View: 293
Read: 198
In post-9/11 New York, Zou Lei is an illegal immigrant from northwest China. A Muslim with a Uighur mother and a Han soldier for a father, she’s a pariah even within the Chinese community. Forced to work fourteen-hour days and live in squalor, she nevertheless embraces the many freedoms her adopted homeland has to offer. Damaged by three tours in Iraq, veteran Brad Skinner comes to New York with the sole intention of partying as hard as he can in order to forget what he’s seen. Impulsive and angry, Skinner’s re-entry into civilian life seems doomed. But when he meets Zou Lei they discover that new beginnings may be possible for both of them, that is if they can survive homelessness, lockup and Skinner’s post-traumatic stress disorder. Set in the underbelly of New York, Preparation for the Next Life exposes an America as seen from the fringes of society in devastating detail and destroys the myth of the American Dream through two of the most remarkable characters in contemporary fiction. Powerful, realistic and raw, this is one of the most ambitious – and necessary – chronicles of our time.
Red Rain
Author: Toby Neal
Publisher: Neal Enterprises INC
ISBN: 0996706658
Pages: 276
Year: 2015-12-26
View: 388
Read: 587
The last thing detective Lei Texeira wants to do while her husband is overseas is deal with a child homicide cold case—but she gets one anyway, and it takes her beyond her personal limits. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Michael Stevens finds himself in a world filled with every kind of threat from crocodiles to kidnappers, and just getting home alive would be a miracle. “Toby Neal is known for well-crafted and emotionally charged mysteries, and Red Rain may be her best yet. Neal gives us two suspenseful and unpredictable storylines, equally taut with intrigue and masterfully told, woven together in an intricately carved puzzle filled with the kind of inner character exploration we expect from a Lei Crime story. Neal pulls out all the stops on this one!” ~M. L. Doyle, author of the Master Sergeant Harper Mysteries
Etale Cohomology Theory
Author: Lei Fu
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9814307726
Pages: 611
Year: 2011
View: 888
Read: 1036
Etale cohomology is an important branch in arithmetic geometry. This book covers the main materials in SGA 1, SGA 4, SGA 4 1/2 and SGA 5 on etale cohomology theory, which includes decent theory, etale fundamental groups, Galois cohomology, etale cohomology, derived categories, base change theorems, duality, and l-adic cohomology. The prerequisites for reading this book are basic algebraic geometry and advanced commutative algebra.
Managing Supply Chain Operations
Author: Lei Lei, Leonardo DeCandia, Rosa Oppenheim, Yao Zhao
Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company
ISBN: 9813108819
Pages: 304
Year: 2017-03-20
View: 973
Read: 1072
This book, developed in collaboration with the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management and based upon research projects conducted with over 100 participating corporations, combines theory and practice in presenting the concepts necessary for strategic implementation of supply chain management techniques in a global environment. Coauthored by top teaching and research faculty and a senior industry executive, this academic/industry partnership ensures the relevance of the text in terms of both practical application and academic rigor. This book introduces students to the key drivers of supply chain performance, including demand forecasting, sales and operations planning, inventory control, capacity analysis, transportation models, supply chain integration, and project management and risk analysis. It is enhanced by real-life examples and case studies as well as strategies from best practices and a focus on social and economic impact. The content reaches beyond a traditional operations management text and draws on the extensive experience of the authors conducting industry projects through the Rutgers Center for Supply Chain Management. The input of senior business executives has been an invaluable asset in presenting a balanced knowledge of both quantitative models and qualitative insights. This book is suitable for courses at the MBA core level, MS in supply chain management level, upper undergraduate level, and also suitable for executive education. Request Inspection Copy
From Ah Q to Lei Feng
Author: Wendy Larson
Publisher: Stanford University Press
ISBN: 0804769826
Pages: 336
Year: 2008-10-16
View: 882
Read: 266
When Freudian sexual theory hit China in the early 20th century, it ran up against competing models of the mind from both Chinese tradition and the new revolutionary culture. Chinese theorists of the mind—both traditional intellectuals and revolutionary psychologists— steadily put forward the anti-Freud: a mind shaped not by deep interiority that must be excavated by professionals, but shaped instead by social and cultural interactions. Chinese novelists and film directors understood this focus and its relationship to Mao's revolutionary ethos, and much of the literature of twentieth-century China reflects the spiritual qualities of the revolutionary mind. From Ah Q to Lei Feng investigates the continual clash of these contrasting models of the mind provided by Freud and revolutionary Chinese culture, and explores how writers and filmmakers negotiated with the implications of each model. .
A lei of dancers
Author: Marie Hara
ISBN: 0021823138
Pages: 16
Year: 1997-12-01
View: 551
Read: 899

The Lei,carragan Verb
Author: Edward Spencer Dodgson, Ioannes Leiçarraga, carraga Lei (Ioannes)
Pages: 200
Year: 1907
View: 546
Read: 841