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10-Minute Tests for 11+ Verbal Reasoning (Ages 9-10) - CEM Test
Author: CGP Books
ISBN: 1782946268
Pages: 140
Year: 2016-05-19
View: 761
Read: 740

Assessing Reading
Author: Marian Sainsbury, Colin Harrison, Andrew Watts, National Foundation for Educational Research, National Foundation for Educational Research in England and Wales, Cambridge Assessment
ISBN: 1905314213
Pages: 268
Year: 2006-08
View: 170
Read: 401
What is meant by the term 'reading' and what does it include? This book sets out to explore some of the theories, practices and conflicts that surround the idea of reading at the beginning of the 21st century. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate education students and lecturers, teacher educators, teachers of reading, among others.
Reading Development and Teaching
Author: Morag Stuart, Rhona Stainthorp
Publisher: SAGE
ISBN: 1473943809
Pages: 240
Year: 2015-12-07
View: 405
Read: 496
This textbook will prove invaluable to teacher educators, teachers, educational psychologists, and any professional who is involved with teaching children to read. It provides a detailed examination of the processes that are involved in achieving fluent word reading skills and ability to comprehend written texts. Understanding these processes and their development empowers teachers to select appropriate, evidence-based teaching strategies and thus teach children more effectively. The book is in four parts: Part 1 provides the reader with a Tutorial Review covering essential knowledge about language, and presenting the two dimensions of the Simple View of Reading. Part 2 concentrates on the word reading dimension, with chapters on processes in skilled word reading, the development of these processes, and practical advice on research validated teaching methods to develop children’s word reading skills. Part 3 turns to the language comprehension dimension, with chapters on the comprehension of oral and written language, and on teaching reading comprehension. Part 4 introduces the reader to assessment practices and methods of identifying children with difficulties in either or both dimensions of the Simple View, and considers children with word reading difficulties and children with specific comprehension difficulties, describing effective evidence-based interventions for each type of difficulty.
Alternative Education for the 21st Century
Author: P. Woods
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230618367
Pages: 283
Year: 2009-01-05
View: 511
Read: 666
This is a unique collection of leading examples of education grounded in alternative philosophies and cultures – from initiatives to create more democratic schools, through Quaker, Buddhist, Islamic, Montessori and Steiner/Waldorf schools, to Maori and First Nations education in Canada and Palestinian Jewish schools in Israel.
Why Do I Need a Teacher When I've got Google?
Author: Ian Gilbert
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317664000
Pages: 248
Year: 2014-06-27
View: 916
Read: 943
Why do I need a teacher when I’ve got Google? is just one of the challenging, controversial and thought-provoking questions Ian Gilbert poses in this urgent and invigorating book. Questioning the unquestionable, this fully updated new edition will make you re-consider everything you thought you knew about teaching and learning, such as: • Are you simply preparing the next generation of unemployed accountants? • What do you do for the ‘sweetcorn kids’ who come out of the education system in pretty much the same state as when they went in? • What’s the real point of school? • Exams – So whose bright idea was that? • Why ‘EQ’ is fast becoming the new ‘IQ’. • What will your school policy be on brain-enhancing technologies? • Which is the odd one out between a hamster and a caravan? With his customary combination of hard-hitting truths, practical classroom ideas and irreverent sense of humour, Ian Gilbert takes the reader on a breathless rollercoaster ride through burning issues of the twenty-first century, considering everything from the threats facing the world and the challenge of the BRIC economies to the link between eugenics and the 11+. As wide-ranging and exhaustively-researched as it is entertaining and accessible, this book is designed to challenge teachers and inform them – as well as encourage them – as they strive to design a twenty-first century learning experience that really does bring the best out of all young people. After all, the future of the world may just depend on it
A Student Teacher's Guide to Primary School Placement
Author: Denis Hayes
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134444117
Pages: 308
Year: 2003-08-28
View: 578
Read: 490
School experience is the most significant part of learning to be a teacher. It can also be the most confusing, stressful and challenging. Initially, it can be very daunting to walk into someone else's classroom and try to prepare and teach effective lessons to someone else's class. It helps to have a clear idea of what to expect and to know how other people have coped, and in this book, Denis Hayes looks at what life is like for the student-teacher in the classroom. With plenty of down-to-earth and practical advice, he offers strategies for dealing with challenging situations and positive encouragement to help them succeed. The book covers four main areas: principles - summarises the fundamentals of successful teaching placement - provides detailed advice about preparing for, and prospering in, school placements, including case studies of trainee teachers' experiences practice - looks at practical issues in the classroom, including lesson planning, teaching skills, assessment and evaluation, and managing the classroom environment progress - covers applying for jobs and interview strategies, with newly qualified teachers talking about how they managed in their first few months. This text will be invaluable to anyone training to be a primary teacher and about to embark on his or her teaching experience. It will also be a useful resource for teacher mentors and course leaders of BEd, BA (Ed) and PGCE programmes.
Functional Skills
Author: Heather Gregson, Holly Poynton, Rebecca Tate, Louise Taylor, Matt Topping
ISBN: 1782946292
Pages: 116
Year: 2016-05
View: 634
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Teacher Agency
Author: Mark Priestley, Gert Biesta, Sarah Robinson
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1472532880
Pages: 192
Year: 2015-10-22
View: 342
Read: 802
Recent worldwide education policy has reinvented teachers as agents of change and professional developers of the school curriculum. Academic literature has analyzed changes in how teacher professionalism is conceived in policy and in practice but Teacher Agency provides a fresh perspective on this issue, drawing upon an ecological theory of agency. Using this model for understanding agency, Mark Priestley, Gert Biesta and Sarah Robinson explore empirical findings from the 'Teacher Agency and Curriculum Change' project, funded by the UK-based Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Drawing together this research with the authors' international experiences and perspectives, Teacher Agency addresses theoretical and practical issues of international significance. The authors illustrate how teacher agency should be understood not only in terms of individual capacity of teachers, but also in respect of the cultures and structures of schooling.
Easy Learning Italian Conversation (Collins Easy Learning Italian)
Author: Collins Dictionaries
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008118809
Pages: 320
Year: 2015-05-07
View: 843
Read: 614
A unique guide to communicating in Italian. It will help you to find out more about Italian culture and to practise your spoken Italian with a free downloadable audio file.
Nelson Comprehension
Author: Sarah Lindsay, John Jackman
ISBN: 0198368151
Pages: 48
Year: 2016-01-25
View: 157
Read: 537
'Nelson Comprehension' provides a simple and effective course for the teaching of key comprehension skills. Units cover all genres of texts - including fiction, poetry, playscripts, instructions and biography - with plenty of practice, repetition and assessment built in.
New Maths Frameworking - Year 9
Author: Kevin Evans, Keith Gordon, Trevor Senior, Brian Speed
Publisher: Collins Educational
ISBN: 0007266243
Pages: 96
Year: 2008-06-01
View: 520
Read: 359
'New Maths Frameworking' provides full support for the New Framework for Teaching Mathematics ensuring the right progression for all levels and complete success at Key Stage 3.
Numicon: Box of 80 Numicon Shapes
Author: Tony Wing, Romey Tacon, Jayne Campling, Ruth Atkinson
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0198487274
Year: 2001-04-01
View: 594
Read: 1154
Box of 80 Numicon Shapes contains: 10x1-shapes, 10x2-shapes, 10x3-shapes, 10x4-shapes, 10x5-shapes, 10x10-shapes, 5x6-shapes, 5x7-shapes, 5x8-shapes, 5x9-shapes. Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.
Pupil Book
Author: Kevin Evans, Trevor Senior, Chris Pearce, Brian Speed
Publisher: Maths Frameworking
ISBN: 000753776X
Pages: 360
Year: 2014-06-11
View: 1075
Read: 1172
Ensure progress at the right pace with Pupil Book 2.3, the higher tier for the second year of teaching KS3. With fluency, mathematical reasoning and problem solving integrated throughout you can be confident you're covering the main aims of the new curric
KS2 Maths SAT Buster 10-Minute Tests: Maths - Book 2 (for the New Curriculum)
Author: CGP Books
ISBN: 178294480X
Pages: 68
Year: 2015-10-22
View: 396
Read: 436

Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Mathematics
Author: Pearson Education, Limited
ISBN: 1447980204
Pages: 728
Year: 2015-03-10
View: 717
Read: 555
Help students reach a higher level in each topic before they move onto the next topic with content broken down into larger chunks, check and consolidate understanding with formative assessment followed by an opportunity to strengthen learning at the end of each topic, challenge the higher abilities to broaden learning further with extend sections, and build confidence with this book.