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Strategic Leadership
Author: Sydney Finkelstein, Donald C. Hambrick, Albert A. Cannella
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
ISBN: 0195162072
Pages: 463
Year: 2009
View: 1032
Read: 508
This book integrates and assesses the vast and rapidly growing literature on strategic leadership, which is the study of top executives and their effects on organizations. The basic premise is that in order to understand why organizations do the things they do, or perform the way they do, we need to deeply comprehend the people at the top-- their experiences, abilities, values, social connections, aspirations, and other human features. The actions--or inactions--of a relatively small number of key people at the apex of an organization can dramatically affect organizational outcomes. The scope of strategic leadership includes individual executives, especially chief executive officers (CEOs), groups of executives (top management teams, or TMTs); and governing bodies (particularly boards of directors). Accordingly, the book addresses an array of topics regarding CEOs (e.g., values, personality, motives, demography, succession, and compensation); TMTs (including composition, processes, and dynamics); and boards of directors (why boards look and behave the way they do, and the consequences of board profiles and behaviors). Strategic Leadership synthesizes what is known about strategic leadership and indicates new research directions. The book is meant primarily for scholars who strive to assess and understand the phenomena of strategic leadership. It offers a considerable foundation on which professionals involved in executive search, compensation, appraisal and staffing, as well as board members who evaluate executive performance and potential, might build their tools and perspectives.
Aunt Dimity and the Village Witch
Author: Nancy Atherton
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101561793
Pages: 288
Year: 2012-04-26
View: 681
Read: 422
Nancy Atherton's seventeenth in the New York Times bestselling series sees the sleepy village of Finch set aflutter by a bewitching mystery from its past. Watch out for Nancy Atherton's latest, Aunt Dimity and the Widow's Curse, coming in May 2017 from Viking! Last year, the otherworldly sleuth's devoted fans secured a place on the New York Times bestseller list for Nancy Atherton's Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree. Now Lori and Aunt Dimity are back on the list—and this time, they're on a witch-hunt. At first glance, the unassuming Mrs. Amelia Thistle is a disappointment to the villagers of Finch, but Lori Shepherd isn't fooled by the new arrival's bland persona. Amelia is a world-famous artist, traveling incognito, and, after unearthing a fragment of a family diary hinting that Mistress Meg, the Mad Witch of Finch, might be one of her ancestors, she's come to Finch in search of the truth. From the Paperback edition.
Chess for Children
Author: Murray Chandler, Helen Milligan, Cindy McCluskey
Publisher: Perseus
ISBN: 1904600069
Pages: 96
Year: 2004
View: 1088
Read: 334
Teaches chess step-by-step, covering the board and pieces, notation, castling, draws, and basic tactics, and features a boy named George, who learns how to play chess from his tall-tale-telling pet alligator, Kirsty.
ISBN: 1436427169
Pages: 207
Year: 2007
View: 1034
Read: 369
The Striga, former dragon owl from the Middle Kingdom beyond the Unnamed Sea, has come to stay at the great tree. He grows closer to the young king Coryn, with whom he seems to share a strange bond. As his power waxes, he accuses the Band of treason, so the Band is exiled, strengthening the Strigas hold over Coryn.
Literature and the Development of Feminist Theory
Author: Robin Truth Goodman
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107126088
Pages: 350
Year: 2015-10-31
View: 416
Read: 429
This book offers an insightful look at the development of feminist theory through a literary lens. Stressing the significance of feminism's origins in the European Enlightenment, it traces the literary careers of feminism's major thinkers in order to elucidate the connection of feminist theoretical production to literary work.
The Hulk: I Am the Hulk
Author: Acton Figueroa
Publisher: HarperFestival
ISBN: 0060519053
Pages: 32
Year: 2003-05-27
View: 160
Read: 529
Life isn't easy for Bruce Banner. He used to be the scientist but as the Hulk he has become the experiment. Now, he must escape the soldiers and scientists who want to subdue and study him. An accessible text for the emerging reader. Ages 7+.
The Mystery Off Glen Road
Author: Julie Campbell
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375827404
Pages: 258
Year: 2004-03-01
View: 211
Read: 855
After a storm blows through Sleepyside and damages the Bob-Whites' clubhouse, Trixie and Honey take a job patrolling the game preserve and find evidence of a poacher.
The Use of Compensatory Strategies by Dutch Learners of English
Author: Nanda Poulisse, Theo Bongaerts, Eric Kellerman
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 9067654418
Pages: 228
Year: 1990
View: 738
Read: 971

Handwriting for Beginners
Author: Barbara Nichol
ISBN: 0908540248
Pages: 56
Year: 1984-01-01
View: 1184
Read: 1216

Boutique Knits
Author: Laura Irwin
Publisher: Interweave
ISBN: 1596688009
Pages: 137
Year: 2008-01-01
View: 729
Read: 1213
Encouraging knitters to think beyond traditional patterns, this guide offers ways to construct and embellish work with smart and quirky personal touches that combine imaginative trims with hardware accents. Covering a wide variety of knitting techniques such as felting, intarsia, Fair Isle, lacework, and cables, the unique examples in this resource include buckles and bolts to close an intricately cabled belt, a chain handle to finish a felted bag, and grommets to complete a half-felted handbag. This collection of modern, stylish patterns will inspire beginning and intermediate knitters with i.
Native Tongues
Author: Charles Berlitz
Publisher: Castle Books
ISBN: 0785818278
Pages: 340
Year: 2009-01-21
View: 334
Read: 237
This book is a unique storehouse of surprising, thought provoking, fascinating and useful facts about human speech and the written word.
Daybooks and Notebooks:
Author: Walt Whitman
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814794343
Pages: 995
Year: 2007-06-01
View: 327
Read: 289
General Series Editors: Gay Wilson Allen and Sculley Bradley Originally published between 1961 and 1984, and now available in paperback for the first time, the critically acclaimed Collected Writings of Walt Whitman captures every facet of one of America's most important poets. Daybooks and Notebooks is an invaluable source for reference on Whitman's daily activities. This sixteen-year record supplements the biographical information provided in the six volumes of Whitman’s Correspondence, functioning as an account book, diary, journal, commonplace book, and notebook all in one. When Whitman began to keep them, the Daybooks were a personal record of predominantly business matters. As William White wrote in the introduction, “He was not only the author but the publisher of his works: he was likewise his own business manager, ship, and promoter. Whatever records he kept, of his sales and distribution, of printing and binding figures, of poetry and prose he sent to newspapers and magazines . . . he entered on the right-hand pages.” Volume I thus offers a rare look at Whitman as a businessman, tending as much to practical matters as to art.