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Mother of Eagles
Author: Suzanne Hayes Fischer
Publisher: Schiffer Pub Limited
ISBN: 076431307X
Pages: 207
Year: 2001
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Baroness Kunigunde von Richthofen originally published Mein Kriegstagebuch (My War Diary) in 1937, at a time when tales of heroes of the First World War inspired the youth of a country being prepared for a second war. Mother of Eagles is the culmination of the translation of the war diary, along with numerous facts and information not included in the original work. Follow the youth and wartime exploits of Manfred and Lothar, the leading German aces of World War I, through the eyes of their mother and a nation. Letters to the Barronness from each of her sons intially depict the wartime conditions on the ground, and then evolve into vivid details about the exhiliration of the hunt in the air for ever increasing numbers of enemy planes. This book will not only appeal to those interested in the Red Baron and his ace brother, Lothar, but to anyone who is interested in reading of the civilian life in Germany during the Great War.
The Jasta Pilots
Author: Norman L. R. Franks, Frank W. Bailey, Rick Duiven
Publisher: Grub Street the Basement
ISBN: 1898697477
Pages: 364
Year: 1996
View: 986
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A photo-illustrated list of all the pilots who served in the feared German Jagdstaffeln ("Jastas" or "hunting units".)
The Red Baron
Author: Wayne Vansant
ISBN: 076034602X
Pages: 104
Year: 2014-06-01
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"Told in graphic novel format, the story of Manfred von Richthofen--better known as the Red Baron--from his beginnings as a cavalry member and a pilot-in-training to his death at the age of twenty-five and his enduring legacy"--
Billy Bishop VC Lone Wolf Hunter
Author: Peter Kilduff
Publisher: Grub Street Publishing
ISBN: 190980813X
Pages: 192
Year: 2014-10-19
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William Avery Bishop is recognized as the British EmpireÕs highest-scoring WWI ace, credited with 72 combat victories, third-ranking behind von Richthofen and RenŽ Fonck. He scored many of his successes on his own, prevailing only by dint of personal courage, daring and superior marksmanship. This remarkable manÕs story has been detailed in many books and articles, but renowned author Peter Kilduff is adamant that so far the full truth has not been told. Famed for his evenhanded, thorough, exhaustive and forensic research, Kilduff sets out to bring new light to missions and kills so far steeped in controversy. As so many of BishopÕs victories were achieved during solo combat, all will be examined and scrutinized, drawing on German, British and Canadian archival sources, BishopÕs private correspondence, and accounts by friends and foes. Such an approach provides as complete an account as possible which also serves as a valuable reference work containing many previously unpublished images.
Shooting the Front
Author: Terrence Finnegan
Publisher: The History Press
ISBN: 0750955104
Pages: 408
Year: 2014-04-01
View: 343
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A meticulously researched history of British, French, and American aerial surveillance on the Western FrontWorld War I marked the beginning of the era of modern warfare, a conflict that demanded revolutionary technology to break the vicious stalemate in which the armies of Europe found themselves. One such technology was aerial reconnaissance and photography, which together with the growing intelligence use of phone tapping and radio intercepts, changed the nature of war forever. Describing the evolution of aerial photography during World War I, this text is packed with data, information, and meticulous research from essential archives including the National Archives in College Park, Maryland and London's National Archives. It shows not only how important aerial reconnaissance was to the war effort, but also how it became the foundation for modern-day exploitation of imagery and geospatial intelligence used to guide today's decision makers on global issues, and shaped intelligence work for generations to come.
The Red Knight of Germany
Author: Floyd Gibbons
ISBN: 1494102358
Pages: 394
Year: 2013-10
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This is a new release of the original 1927 edition.
‘Richthofen’s Circus’
Author: Greg VanWyngarden
Publisher: Osprey Publishing
ISBN: 1841767263
Pages: 128
Year: 2004-07-25
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Undoubtedly the most famous of any nation's aviation units in World War 1 was the legendary Jagdgeschwader Nr 1, or 'The Flying Circus' as its respectful foes labelled it. Germany's first true fighter wing, it would always be associated with its first commander, the charismatic and revered Manfred von Richthofen. JG 1 was formed in July 1917, and for sixteen months the unit's young pilots in their colourful aircraft battled for aerial dominance of the Western Front. From its ranks emerged many of Germany's most successful airmen, including the Red Baron's brother Lothar; Ernst Udet; Werner Voss; Erich Löwenhardt and Hermann Göring. This book charts the World War I experiences of JG 1.
Fighter Combat
Author: Robert L. Shaw
Publisher: Naval Institute Press
ISBN: 0870210599
Pages: 428
Year: 1985
View: 277
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This book provides a detailed description of one-on-one dog-fights and multi-fighter team work tactics, as well as discussions on aircraft and weapons systems.
Strategy For Defeat: The Luftwaffe, 1933-1945 [Illustrated Edition]
Author: Williamson Murray
Publisher: Pickle Partners Publishing
ISBN: 178625770X
Pages: 661
Year: 2015-11-06
View: 480
Read: 524
Includes the Aerial Warfare In Europe During World War II illustrations pack with over 200 maps, plans, and photos. This book is a comprehensive analysis of an air force, the Luftwaffe, in World War II. It follows the Germans from their prewar preparations to their final defeat. There are many disturbing parallels with our current situation. I urge every student of military science to read it carefully. The lessons of the nature of warfare and the application of airpower can provide the guidance to develop our fighting forces and employment concepts to meet the significant challenges we are certain to face in the future.
The Red Baron
Author: Manfred von Richthofen
Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand
ISBN: 3837092178
Pages: 208
Year: 2009
View: 506
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Myths and reality of the "Red Baron."
The Hebrew Impact on Western Civilization
Author: Dagobert D. Runes
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1504012968
Pages: 336
Year: 2015-05-26
View: 1311
Read: 1212
An eye-opening classic volume on the enduring cultural impact of the Jewish people This authoritative work considers the creative and cultural influence of the Jews throughout our time. At more than 800 pages, D. D. Runes has complied a mid-twentieth century account of the various contributions in many spheres in which the Jews have had an impact on western civilization. Eminent scholars consider the ways in which the Jews contributed toward the making of modern society and helped in raising human standards and values. Richard Van Dyck, in “The Jewish Influence on Journalism,” observes that the preponderance of Jewish newspapermen disproves the commonly held belief that Jewish journalism is “necessarily subversive.” William B. Ziff’s “The Jew as Soldier, Strategist and Military Adviser” delineates the successes of Jewish military forces throughout history. Dr. Abraham I. Katsh discusses “The Hebraic Foundations of American Democracy,” noting the influence of Hebrew Scriptures on standards of conduct in western civilization. Curtis Lubinski’s “The Jew in Drama, Theatre, and Film” traces the success of Jewish performers and dramatists. The essays compiled in this volume are a fascinating and expansive look at the far-reaching impact Jews have had on Western life.
Author: Wayne Vansant
Publisher: Zenith Press
ISBN: 1610586654
Pages: 104
Year: 2012-09-15
View: 529
Read: 885
Normandy depicts the planning and execution of Operation Overlord in 96 full-color pages. The initial paratrooper assault is shown, as well as the storming of the five D-Day beaches: Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. But the story does not end there. Once the Allies got ashore, they had to stay ashore. The Germans made every effort to push them back into the sea. This book depicts the such key events in the Allied liberation of Europe as: 1. Construction of the Mulberry Harbors, two giant artificial harbors built in England and floated across the English Channel so that troops, vehicles, and supplies could be offloaded across the invasion beaches.2. The Capture of Cherbourg, the nearest French port, against a labyrinth of Gennan pillboxes.3. The American fight through the heavy bocage (hedgerow country) to take the vital town of Saint-Lô.4. The British-Canadian struggle for the city of Caen against the “Hitler Youth Division,” made up of 23,000 seventeen- and eighteen-year-old Nazi fanatics.5. The breakout of General Patton’s Third Army and the desperate US 30th Division’s defense of Mortaine.6. The Falaise Pocket, known as the “Killing Ground, ” where the remnants of two German armies were trapped and bombed and shelled into submission. The slaughter was so great that 5,000 Germans were buried in one mass grave. 7. The Liberation of Paris, led by the 2nd Free French Armored Division, which had been fighting for four long years with this goal in mind.
Aircraft of World War I
Author: Jack Herris, Bob Pearson
ISBN: 1906626669
Pages: 192
Year: 2010
View: 628
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Illustrated with detailed artworks of combat aircraft and their markings, 'The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Aircraft of WWI' is a comprehensive study of the aircraft that fought in the Great War of 1914-18. Arranged chronologically by theater of war and campaign, this book offers a complete organizational breakdown of the units on all the fronts, including the Eastern and Italian Fronts. Each campaign includes a compact history of the role and impact of aircraft on the course of the conflict, as well as orders of battle, lists of commanders and campaign aces such as Manfred von Richtofen, Eddie Rickenbacker, Albert Ball and many more.Every type of aircraft is featured, including the numerous variations and types of well-known models, such as the Fokker Dr.I, the Sopwith Camel and the SPAD SVII, through to lesser-known aircraft, such as the Rumpler C.1, and the Amstrong Whitworth FK8. Each aircraft profile is accompanied by exhaustive specifications, as well as details of individual and unit markings. Packed with more than 200 color profiles of every major type of combat aircraft from the era, 'The Essential Aircraft Identification Guide: Aircraft of WWI' is an essential reference guide for modelers, military historians and aircraft enthusiasts.
Let Us Die Fighting
Author: Horst Drechsler
Publisher: Lawrence Hill Books
ISBN: 0905762371
Pages: 277
Year: 1980
View: 470
Read: 533
This volume draws on the records of the German Colonial Office to portray the motivations behind the German occupation of Namibia and the consequent popular uprisings of 1904-7. The result is a critique of the impact of colonialism on this part of Africa.
The Belgian Air Service in the First World War
Author: Walter M. Pieters
ISBN: 1935881019
Pages: 722
Year: 2010-01-01
View: 640
Read: 1222