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Il libro nero delle Brigate Rosse
Author: Pino Casamassima
Publisher: Newton Compton Editori
ISBN: 8854146919
Pages: 555
Year: 2012-11-26
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Gli episodi e le azioni della più nota organizzazione armata, dall’autunno del 1970 alla primavera del 2012Quarant’anni di “lotta” armata, questo sono state e sono le Brigate Rosse: da quando, nell’autunno del 1970, apparve per la prima volta la stella a cinque punte a quando, il 22 novembre 2011, la Corte d’Assise di Roma ha comminato tre condanne e altrettante assoluzioni nel processo all’organizzazione “Per il Comunismo – Brigate Rosse”. Il 5 aprile 2012, dopo trent’anni di silenzio, Patrizio Peci, storico “infame” della prima ora, è tornato alla ribalta con un’intervista a sorpresa. Nadia Desdemona Lioce frequentava ancora le scuole medie quando nascevano le Brigate Rosse; le “nuove” leve degli ultimi anni invece sono giovani nati dopo la famosa dichiarazione di resa del 1987 di Curcio, Moretti, Bertolazzi e Iannelli. Noncuranti della storia, hanno imbracciato le armi come se il tempo non fosse passato, come se le tutte le organizzazioni armate che avevano dichiarato guerra allo Stato non fossero state – tutte – sconfitte. La storia del partito armato sembra un film che si riavvolge: fitta di misteri, personaggi inquietanti, episodi oscuri, mette insieme tanto materiale da dare vita a più storie, con più sfaccettature. Questo libro vuole fare emergere la storia dai fatti – documenti, dichiarazioni, sentenze, lanci di agenzie – e dai numeri: ricerche effettuate nei primi anni 2000 indicano in 487 le organizzazioni di sinistra che hanno rivendicato azioni di violenza, 128 le persone uccise (di cui 74 da parte delle Brigate Rosse), 36 i militanti uccisi da forze di polizia, oltre 20.000 gli inquisiti per lotta armata, oltre 4000 i detenuti per appartenenza a banda armata, quasi 4000 le condanne per terrorismo. Una contabilità che vorremmo considerare definitiva, ma che invece sembra destinata a cambiare ancora.Il libro più completo sulla storia del "partito armato"Pino Casamassimaè giornalista professionista. Opinionista del «Quotidiano nazionale» («Il Giorno», «La Nazione», «Il Resto del Carlino»), collabora con La Storia siamo noi. Tra le sue numerose pubblicazioni, alcune delle quali tradotte all’estero, Il libro nero delle Brigate rosse (pubblicato dalla Newton Compton) ha vinto il Premio Minturno 2008, mentre Il sangue dei rossi: morire di politica negli anni Settanta il Premio Luigi di Rosa 2011. Nel 2012 ha pubblicato Gli Irriducibili. Storie di brigatisti mai pentiti.
Alfie and George: A heart-warming tale about how one cat and his kitten brought a street together
Author: Rachel Wells
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008181659
Pages: 352
Year: 2016-11-17
View: 594
Read: 303
The Sunday Times bestseller is back, with his biggest adventure yet. The perfect read for fans of A Street Cat Named Bob.
The Eyes of Venice
Author: Alessandro Barbero
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1609458516
Pages: 448
Year: 2012-10-30
View: 1258
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Winner of the Alessandro Manzoni Prize for Fiction Venice at the end of the 1500s is an unforgiving city. The Doge rules with an iron fist and the Holy Office harbors suspicions about everything and everyone. Even the walls have eyes. The Republic of Venice watches and listens, then passes judgment swiftly and definitively. In a city where everyone is assumed guilty of something, a young stonemason by the name of Michele has been accused of a crime he didn’t commit. Afraid for his life, he flees the city aboard a galley carrying gold coin, leaving behind his young wife, Bianca. Banished from his home, Michele embarks on a series of extraordinary adventures as the ship he travels on stops in every port and on every island of the Mediterranean. In order to survive this once naïve and immature boy must fast become a man, one possessed of cunning, courage and fortitude. Bianca remains alone in the cruel and treacherous Venice. She faces challenges that are, if anything, even more difficult than those of Michele, and will encounter all the terrors and mysteries that the labyrinthine city holds in its blind alleys and narrow passageways. And she, like Michele, will discover in herself a tenacious and indestructible will to survive. From the Trade Paperback edition.
Fermat’s Last Theorem
Author: Simon Singh
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0007381999
Pages: 368
Year: 2012-11-22
View: 1235
Read: 1152
‘I have a truly marvellous demonstration of this proposition which this margin is too narrow to contain.’
Double Kiss (Soho Nights #2)
Author: Ronnie O'Sullivan
Publisher: Pan
ISBN: 1509863982
Pages: 352
Year: 2018-05-17
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Following Framed, the first book in the Soho Nights series, Double Kiss dives into the gangland world of 90s Soho and Ibiza, by snooker world champion, Ronnie O'Sullivan.The race is on and the stakes are high.Frankie James thought his troubles were behind him. He's busy running the Soho Club, and his brother's finally out of prison. But when a postcard arrives from Mallorca, Spain, he's stopped in his tracks� Is it from his mother - the woman who's been missing for eight years?When the goddaughter of London's fiercest gangster, Tommy Riley, goes missing in Ibiza, Tommy knows there's one man for the job. Just when Frankie was on the straight and narrow, he's now faced with an impossible choice. If he agrees to help find Tanya, he'll be thrown into a world of danger. If he doesn't, Tommy could destroy him.With temptation at every turn, old habits die hard. One thing's for sure, playing with this gang is no game. But with everything at stake, how can Frankie say no?
My Lai
Author: Howard Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190228784
Pages: 256
Year: 2017-05-04
View: 1176
Read: 407
On the early morning of March 16, 1968, American soldiers from three platoons of Charlie Company (1st Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 11th Brigade, 23rd Infantry Division), entered a group of hamlets located in the Son Tinh district of South Vietnam, located near the Demilitarized Zone and known as "Pinkville" because of the high level of Vietcong infiltration. The soldiers, many still teenagers who had been in the country for three months, were on a "search and destroy" mission. The Tet Offensive had occurred only weeks earlier and in the same area and had made them jittery; so had mounting losses from booby traps and a seemingly invisible enemy. Three hours after the GIs entered the hamlets, more than five hundred unarmed villagers lay dead, killed in cold blood. The atrocity took its name from one of the hamlets, known by the Americans as My Lai 4. Military authorities attempted to suppress the news of My Lai, until some who had been there, in particular a helicopter pilot named Hugh Thompson and a door gunner named Lawrence Colburn, spoke up about what they had seen. The official line was that the villagers had been killed by artillery and gunship fire rather than by small arms. That line soon began to fray. Lieutenant William Calley, one of the platoon leaders, admitted to shooting the villagers but insisted that he had acted upon orders. An exposé of the massacre and cover-up by journalist Seymour Hersh, followed by graphic photographs, incited international outrage, and Congressional and U.S. Army inquiries began. Calley and nearly thirty other officers were charged with war crimes, though Calley alone was convicted and would serve three and a half years under house arrest before being paroled in 1974. My Lai polarized American sentiment. Many saw Calley as a scapegoat, the victim of a doomed strategy in an unwinnable war. Others saw a war criminal. President Nixon was poised to offer a presidential pardon. The atrocity intensified opposition to the war, devastating any pretense of American moral superiority. Its effect on military morale and policy was profound and enduring. The Army implemented reforms and began enforcing adherence to the Hague and Geneva conventions. Before launching an offensive during Desert Storm in 1991, one general warned his brigade commanders, "No My Lais in this division--do you hear me?" Compelling, comprehensive, and haunting, based on both exhaustive archival research and extensive interviews, Howard Jones's My Lai will stand as the definitive book on one of the most devastating events in American military history.
The Curious Incident at Claridge's
Author: R. T. Raichev
Publisher: Soho Press
ISBN: 1569476330
Pages: 216
Year: 2010
View: 1148
Read: 534
Antonia Darcy and Major Payne investigate the attempted poisoning of the elderly Sir Seymour, a resident of a retirement home for elderly gentlemen.
Ashes of the Phoenix
Author: Jane Fade Merrick
Publisher: Tektime
ISBN: 8873042139
Year: 2017-07-16
View: 846
Read: 1235
An illustrated Slice of Life novel. Three lives entwine because of a subtle coincidence. A girl on the edge of society, an extremely rich weird kid and one of the most popular pop stars of the planet. Fade lives a life left on her own, struggling constantly to survive in a society that swallows everyone who doesn’t keep up with its pace; her only company is a kitchen knife and a scar embedded in her leg that reminds her every day of who she is and why she is there. While she’s stealing in a supermarket, she meets Jag, a boy with a disturbing appearance who convinces her to join him in his weird plan: to become the main sponsor of one of the most successful bands of the moment, of which he’s a huge fan, and - apparently - he doesn’t lack the money to do so. She allows herself to be convinced to meet Nef, a typical playboy, who eventually will learn that the world isn’t all at his feet like he thought... PUBLISHER: TEKTIME
The Sixties
Author: Arthur Marwick
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 1448205425
Pages: 810
Year: 2011-09-28
View: 775
Read: 918
If the World Wars defined the first half of the twentieth century, the sixties defined the second half, acting as the pivot on which modern times have turned. From popular music to individual liberties, the tastes and convictions of the Western world are indelibly stamped with the impact of this tumultuous decade. Framing the sixties as a period stretching from 1958 to 1974, Arthur Marwick argues that this long decade ushered in nothing less than a cultural revolution – one that raged most clearly in the United States, Britain, France, and Italy. Marwick recaptures the events and movements that shaped life as we know it: the rise of a youth subculture across the West; the sit-ins and marches of the civil rights movement; Britain's surprising rise to leadership in fashion and music; the emerging storm over Vietnam; the Paris student uprising of 1968; the growing force of feminism, and much more. For some, it was a golden age of liberation and political progress; for others, an era in which depravity was celebrated, and the secure moral and social framework subverted. The sixties was no short-term era of ecstasy and excess. On the contrary, the decade set the cultural and social agenda for the rest of the century, and left deep divisions still felt today.
Theory of the Novel
Author: Guido Mazzoni
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674333721
Pages: 392
Year: 2017-01-02
View: 785
Read: 1120
In his theory of the novel, Guido Mazzoni explains that novels consist of stories told in any way whatsoever about the experiences of ordinary men and women who exist as contingent beings within time and space. Novels allow readers to step into other lives and other versions of truth, each a small, local world, absolute in its particularity.
Separate Rooms
Author: Pier Vittorio Tondelli
Publisher: Serpents Tail
ISBN: 1852427779
Pages: 186
Year: 2004
View: 1171
Read: 691
Leo is an Italian writer in his thirties. Thomas, his German lover, is dead. On a plane to Munich, Thomas?s home town, Leo slips into a reverie of their meeting and life in Paris, nights in Thomas?s flat in Montmartre and a desperate, drug-induced flight through the forests of northern France that spells the end for Leo and Thomas? languid, erotic life together. Leo travels to find anonymity. Structured in three musical movements, Separate Rooms is a story of ideal love, broken by absence and separation. When Thomas was alive, he and Leo had separate rooms in order to preserve the urgency of their passion. Now, Leo faces solitude, the impossible striving of memory to recreate life and the hostility of a prejudiced world. Separate Rooms, Tondelli?s last book, is a powerful novel of the strength of love and the trauma of death.
Activating grammar digital edition. Con espansione online. Per le Scuole superiori
Author: Angela Gallagher, Fausto Galuzzi
ISBN: 8883390687
Pages: 539
Year: 2011
View: 1223
Read: 213

Basic Concepts in Kabbalah
Author: Michael Laitman
Publisher: Laitman Kabbalah Publishers
ISBN: 0973826886
Pages: 111
Year: 2006-01-01
View: 1089
Read: 1256
By reading in this book, one develops internal observations and approaches that did not previously exist within. This book is intended for contemplation of spiritual terms. To the extent that we are integrated with these terms, we begin to unveil the spiritual structure that surrounds us, almost as if a mist had been lifted.
From Urbanization to Cities
Author: Murray Bookchin
Publisher: Burns & Oates
Pages: 279
Year: 1995
View: 888
Read: 1331
Tracing the history of the city from pre-history to the medieval city state, Bookchin reclaims the idea of the city as a major creative force in our civilization. He advocates a new approach to politics.
Newton and the Antigravity Formula
Author: Luca Novelli
Publisher: Flashes of Genius
ISBN: 1613738617
Pages: 112
Year: 2017-06-01
View: 835
Read: 381
Back in the late 1600s, science was still in its infancy. If you dropped an apple it would fall to the ground, but nobody could explain why. That changed in 1687 when Isaac Newton, a professor at the University of Cambridge, published a book describing three laws of motion as well as a theory of universal gravitation. Newton also came up with a brand new field of mathematics, called calculus, to explain it all. The same equations that described the motion of a falling apple could also be used to describe the motion of planets orbiting the sun. It was revolutionary! Newton would go on to make new discoveries on the nature of light. But he also made mistakes; his fascination with alchemy, the hope of turning one element into another, was a tremendous waste of his genius. But science is not just about successful experiments--sometimes it takes a few failures to achieve success. Newton and the Antigravity Formula is a fast-paced, entertaining biography of the man who launched the field of modern physics. In addition to its lively story, it includes 190 illustrations, a glossary, and sidebars covering related topics, from the plague to the planets to the telescope.