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How We Got the Bible
Author: Neil R. Lightfoot
Publisher: Baker Books
ISBN: 0801072611
Pages: 224
Year: 2010-06-01
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Read: 217
This popular and accessible account of how the Bible has been preserved and transmitted for today's readers is now available in trade paper.
How We Got the Bible
Author: Timothy Paul Jones
Publisher: Rose Publishing Incorporated
ISBN: 1628622164
Pages: 184
Year: 2015
View: 866
Read: 1229
From Moses to Gutenberg, easily find out how we got the Bible we have today and discover why we can trust it with this highly-visual and easy-to-understand handbook on the history of Bible! Dive into the fascinating stories of the people who risked their lives to print and distribute the Word of God (Tyndale, Wycliffe, etc). Perfect for personal or small group use.Have you ever wondered where the Bible came from? Who wrote the books of the Bible and how did they end up together? Perhaps you have been asked by a friend or coworker about books that were cut out of the Bible. Through seven dynamic chapters in How We Got the Bible, expert Dr. Timothy Paul Jones will guide you through all the important questions about the Holy Bible to show you why it can be trusted. Filled with dramatic stories and highly-visual charts and illustrations, this exciting Bible History handbook will take you from the earliest clay tablets and papyrus copies to the first bound Bible and the various Bible translations that we use today!
How We Got the Bible
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310537592
Pages: 96
Year: 2017-05-23
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Read: 1275
How did the Bible come to be? How has it been passed down to us through the ages? Is it still trustworthy and relevant after all these years? The Bible is the bestselling book of all time and the basis of faith for billions of people around the world. Encompassing the fields of archaeology, biblical studies, and history, the story of how the Bible has come to us today is a fascinating one. It is told here, accompanied by beautiful full-color photographs and illustrations. You’ll marvel at the care and reverence with which this ancient book has been preserved. Just a few of the remarkable insights you’ll gain include scriptural origins on animal skins and clay tablets and the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Know How We Got Our Bible
Author: Ryan Matthew Reeves, Charles E. Hill
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 0310537223
Pages: 208
Year: 2018-08-07
View: 1238
Read: 1308
The easy accessibility of the Bible in most of the world's major languages can obscure a dramatic and sometimes unexpected story. In Know How We Got Our Bible, scholars Ryan Reeves and Charles Hill trace the history of the Bible from its beginnings to the present day, highlighting key figures and demonstrating overall the reliability of Scripture. Reeves and Hill begin with the writing of the Bible's books (including authorship and dating), move into the formation of the Old and New Testaments (including early transmission and the development of the canon), and conclude with several chapters on Bible translation from the Latin Vulgate to the ongoing work of translation around the world today. Written simply and focused on the overarching story of how the Bible came to us today, Know How We Got Our Bible is an excellent introduction for formal students and lay learners alike. Each chapter includes reflection questions and recommended readings for further learning.
How We Got the Bible
Author: John Sailhamer
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0310203910
Pages: 91
Year: 1998
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This is a series of brief reference books for laypeople designed to be read in units of one or two pages.
How We Got the New Testament (Acadia Studies in Bible and Theology)
Author: Stanley E. Porter
Publisher: Baker Academic
ISBN: 1441242686
Pages: 240
Year: 2013-11-05
View: 865
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A recognized expert in New Testament Greek offers a historical understanding of the writing, transmission, and translation of the New Testament and provides cutting-edge insights into how we got the New Testament in its ancient Greek and modern English forms. In part responding to those who question the New Testament's reliability, Stanley Porter rigorously defends the traditional goals of textual criticism: to establish the original text. He reveals fascinating details about the earliest New Testament manuscripts and shows that the textual evidence supports an early date for the New Testament's formation. He also explores the vital role translation plays in biblical understanding and evaluates various translation theories. The book offers a student-level summary of a vast amount of historical and textual information.
Where We Got The Bible
Author: Henry Graham
Publisher: Ravenio Books
View: 677
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This classic is organized as follows: Preface Introduction I. Some Errors Removed II. The Making of the Old Testament III. The Church Precedes the New Testament IV. Catholic Church Compiles the New Testament V. Deficiencies of the Protestant Bible VI. The Originals, and their Disappearance VII. Variations in Text Fatal to Protestant Theory VIII. Our Debt to the Monks IX. Bible-reading in the ‘Dark Ages’ X. Where then are all the Medieval Bibles? XI. Abundance of Vernacular Scriptures before Wycliff XII. Why Wycliff was Condemned XIII. Tyndale’s Condemnation Vindicated by Posterity. XIV. A Deluge of Erroneous Versions XV. The Catholic’s Bible XVI. Envoi
How We Got Our Bible
Author: Chuck Missler
Publisher: Koinonia House
ISBN: 1578216400
Year: 2015-10-29
View: 1297
Read: 399
Where did our Bible come from? How good are the texts?Why do we believe its origin is supernatural?How do we know that it really is the Word of God?How accurate are our translations?Which version is the best? Chuck Missler, an internationally recognized Biblical authority, reviews the origin of both the Old and New Testaments in light of recent discoveries and controversies.
How We Got Our Bible
Author: John Paterson Smyth
Publisher: Musson Book Company, [191-?]
Pages: 153
Year: 1912
View: 373
Read: 658

The Story of Scripture
Author: Robert Plummer
Publisher: Kregel Publications
ISBN: 0825443156
Pages: 96
Year: 2013
View: 663
Read: 781
An excellent primer for those who want to understand who the original writers of the Bible were, how the books of the Bible came together, how we can be sure that the Bible is authoritative, and what the differences are between modern translations. Author Robert Plummer writes with a warm style in an accessible "big questions" format.
The Book of God
Author: Ben Avery
Publisher: Kingstone Media
ISBN: 1613280416
Pages: 132
Year: 2012-03-06
View: 872
Read: 398
The reliable and historical process of how we got the Bible.
Rediscovering Paul
Author: David B. Capes, Rodney Reeves, E. Randolph Richards
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
ISBN: 0830839410
Pages: 350
Year: 2011-09-28
View: 1198
Read: 1034
David Capes, Rodney Reeves and E. Randolph Richards attempt to transform students' vague appreciation of Paul by confronting them with the man who was the talk of the marketplace from Ephesus to Athens. Informed by contemporary scholarship and refined in the classroom, this textbook promises to renew investment in the work of Paul. Now in paper.
How Did We Get the Bible?
Author: Tracy M. Sumner
Publisher: Barbour Publishing
ISBN: 1634091620
Pages: 96
Year: 2015-01-01
View: 482
Read: 359
Readers will gain even more appreciation for their Bible when they see how God directed its development, from the original authors through today’s translations. How Did We Get the Bible? provides an easy-to-read historical overview, covering the Holy Spirit’s inspiration of the writers, the preservation of the documents, the compilation of the canon, and the efforts to bring the Bible to people in their own language. This fascinating story, populated by intriguing characters, will encourage readers with God’s faithfulness—to His own Word, and to those of us who read it. It’s a fantastic, value-priced resource for individuals and ministries!
How We Got the Bible
Author: Lenet Hadley Read
Publisher: Shadow Mountain
ISBN: 087747799X
Pages: 132
Year: 1985
View: 587
Read: 1020

From God to Us
Author: Norman L. Geisler, William E. Nix
Publisher: Moody Pub
ISBN: 0802428827
Pages: 412
Year: 2012
View: 863
Read: 788
An introduction to the Bible's origin, history, and development, and including charts, photographs, and indices, and addressing inspiration, canonicity, major manuscripts and recent discoveries, textual criticism, Greek and Latin translations, and modern English translations.