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English G 21
Author: Wolfgang Neudecker
ISBN: 3060320489
Pages: 88
Year: 2010
View: 575
Read: 1076

English G 21
ISBN: 3060312753
Pages: 88
Year: 2007
View: 292
Read: 1059

Inspection-oriented Tolerancing – Size, Form and Location
Author: Robert Roithmeier
Publisher: Carl Zeiss AG
Year: 2016-10-13
View: 275
Read: 304

Financial Accounting
Author: Robert Nothhelfer
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110521075
Pages: 301
Year: 2017-09-25
View: 739
Read: 648
Every German student of business administration needs to have a basic understanding of accounting according to German GAAP, and thanks to globalization many courses about German accounting are nowadays held in English to improve the language skills of the students. In addition many foreign subsidiaries of German companies have to prepare their part of consolidated financial statements according to German GAAP. So far, these professionals can rely on German literature only. The first part of the book offers a compact introduction to financial statements according to German GAAP, the second part comprises exercises on individual topics with solutions and case studies for in-depth and effective learning. This introduction provides ideal support for German-speaking students taking Englishspeaking lectures in the field and is furthermore valuable for professionals looking for explanations when preparing the data for consolidated financial statements. Includes exercises and case studies for practice Ideal textbook for students of German Universities attending English-speaking lectures in financial management Ideal introduction for professionals with a succinct explanation and additional support with a glossary and vocabulary
Experiments in Ethics
Author: Anthony Appiah
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 0674026098
Pages: 274
Year: 2008-01
View: 849
Read: 163
Introduction: The waterless moat -- The case against character -- The case against intuition -- The varieties of moral experience -- The ends of ethics.
Imparting a Father's Blessing
Author: Greg Violi
ISBN: 3944038207
Year: 2017-01-01
View: 443
Read: 855
There is a worldwide epidemic crossing all cultural, financial, intellectual, and religious boundaries. This epidemic causes diseases, dysfunctions, and many difficulties in the lives of those it effects. There is no place on earth this diabolical epidemic cannot reach. It is an epidemic affecting generations of people, it is the lack of a father and a fathers blessing. Did you know that your Father God created you to receive a blessing from your earthly father? This blessing was meant to release you into adulthood, prosperity, joy, peace, and to bring you into your true self and purpose in life! This little booklet is the result of a conversation I had with another beloved brother and sister in Christ. It is directly derived from our conversation and from the answer to their question, "How do we impart the Fathers blessing to those in need?" As I answered this question it was clear that what I was sharing as the Lord gave it to me, needed to be recorded. It is time that the multitude of people who are hurting and yearning for a Fathers blessing be released and blessed into their God-given identity! I have seen multitudes of curses broken instantly, bodies healed, souls restored, joy restored, fears leave, depression healed, pain disappear, a new desire for life to come where before there was no hope or desire to live, marriages radically changed, and on and on. All these wonderful things happened as a result of receiving a fathers blessing. It is truly wonderful and amazing to behold the Father come into the deep places within His precious children to heal, restore, and welcome them back into His heart of pure love!
New Research on the Philosophy of Nicolai Hartmann
Author: Keith Peterson, Roberto Poli
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110433141
Pages: 354
Year: 2016-01-29
View: 1157
Read: 1150
The imposing scope and penetrating insights of German philosopher Nicolai Hartmann’s work have received renewed interest in recent years. The papers collected in this volume explore his ethics, ontology, aesthetics, and philosophy of nature, bringing his philosophy into conversation with that of his peers, the history of philosophy, and with contemporary philosophical trends, from philosophy of science and bioethics, to psychology and education.
Space in Hellenistic Philosophy
Author: Graziano Ranocchia, Christoph Helmig, Christoph Horn
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110386267
Pages: 236
Year: 2014-10-29
View: 916
Read: 290
The volume discusses the notion of space by focusing on the most representative exponents of the Hellenistic schools and explores the role played by spatial concepts in both coeval and later authors who, without specifically thematising these concepts, made use of them in a theoretically original way. Renowned scholars investigate the philosophical significance and bring to light the problematical character of the ancient conceptions of space.
Wittgenstein on Colour
Author: Frederik A. Gierlinger, Štefan Riegelnik
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110383357
Pages: 131
Year: 2014-10-14
View: 1027
Read: 445
This volume is the first collection of articles dedicated to Wittgenstein’s thoughts on colour, focusing in particular on his so-called Remarks on Colour, a piece of writing that has received comparably little attention from Wittgenstein scholars. The articles discuss why Wittgenstein wrote so intensively about colour during the last years of his life and what significance these remarks have for understanding his philosophical work in general.
From Philosophy of Fiction to Cognitive Poetics
Author: Piotr Stalmaszczyk
Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften
ISBN: 3631669453
Pages: 268
Year: 2016-09-07
View: 302
Read: 721
Studies collected in this volume investigate selected issues in contemporary philosophy of language and philosophy of literature. Individual authors concentrate on philosophy of fiction and discuss fictional worlds and fictional characters. They also present different approaches to translation theory, and metaphor theory (both classical and conceptual). Other chapters address the issues of figurativeness and poetic language, apply the principles of cognitive poetics to analyse different types of texts, and provide cognitive approaches to abstraction in visual and verbal art, also to the categories of similarity and difference in perception and language. The analysed authors include Wallace Stevens, Rae Armantrout, Ernest Hemingway and David Lodge.
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Author: Thomas Bryant
Publisher: Motorbooks International
ISBN: 0760346437
Pages: 160
Year: 2014-11-03
View: 333
Read: 703
A coffee-table book celebrates the quarter-century of the two-seater roadster that revolutionized the market and became the best-selling sports car of all time, with over a million sold since its debut in 1989.
Carnap's Ideal of Explication and Naturalism
Author: P. Wagner, Michael Beaney
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230379745
Pages: 263
Year: 2016-08-20
View: 663
Read: 949
The book consists of a series of chapters on Carnap's ideal of explication as an alternative to the naturalistic conceptions of science, setting it in its historical context, discussing specific cases of explications, and enriching the on-going debate on conceptual engineering and naturalism in analytic philosophy.
The Path to Me
Author: Rose M. Kuonen
Publisher: Tredition Gmbh
ISBN: 3732389626
Year: 2017-06-22
View: 806
Read: 157
Events that we actually experience make up only 10% of our lives; the remaining 90% of life consist of how we respond to those events. That's why our problems do not lie in the external world-on the contrary, they rest firmly inside our inner world. Yet only a third of all people are aware of themselves and their reactions, and only those few know how to fundamentally shape their own lives. 'The Path to Me' is a self-therapy workbook based on psychological principles, and its solutions-oriented analyses help us identify the underlying causes of our problems and give us guidelines, support and instructions for how to direct our actions.
Finite but Unbounded: New Approaches in Philosophical Anthropology
Author: Kevin M. Cahill, Martin Gustafsson, Thomas Schwarz Wentzer
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
ISBN: 3110523817
Pages: 218
Year: 2017-05-22
View: 651
Read: 249
World-leading anthropologists and philosophers pursue the perplexing question fundamental to both disciplines: What is it to think of ourselves as human? A common theme is the open-ended and context-dependent nature of our notion of the human, one upshot of which is that perplexities over that notion can only be dealt with in a piecemeal fashion, and in relation to concrete real-life circumstances. Philosophical anthropology, understood as the exploration of such perplexities, will thus be both recognizably philosophical in character and inextricably bound up with anthropological fieldwork. The volume is put together accordingly: Precisely by mixing ostensibly philosophical papers with papers that engage in close anthropological study of concrete issues, it is meant to reflect the vital tie between these two aspects of the overall philosophical-anthropological enterprise. The collection will be of great interest to philosophers and anthropologists alike, and essential reading for anyone interested in the interconnections between the two disciplines.
Play Development in Children with Disabilties
Author: Serenella Besio, Daniela Bulgarelli, Vaska Stancheva-Popkostadinova
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
ISBN: 311052211X
Pages: 228
Year: 2016
View: 779
Read: 587
This book is the result of the first two-year work of Working Group 1 of the network "LUDI - Play for children with disabilities". LUDI is an Action (2014-2018) financed by COST; it is a multidisciplinary network of more than 30 countries and almost 100 researchers and practitioners belonging to the humanistic and technological fields to study the topic of play for children with disabilities within the framework of the International Classification of Functioning Disability and Health (WHO, 2001).The principal objective of this book is to bring the LUDI contribution to the important topic of play in children with disabilities, because today an international consensus on the definition of play and disabilities is still lacking. The process of ensuring equity in the exercise of the right to play for children with disabilites requests three actions: to approach this topic through a "common language", at least all over Europe; to put play at the centre of the multidisciplinary research and intervention regarding the children with disabilities; to grant this topic the status of a scientific and social theme of full visibility and recognized authority. Children with disabilities face several limitations in play, due to several reasons: impairments; playgrounds, toys and other play tools that are not accessible and usable; environments and contexts that are not accessible nor inclusive; lack of educational awareness and intentionality; lack of specific psycho-pedagogical and rehabilitative competence; lack of effective intervention methodologies. Moreover, disabled children's lives are dominated by medical and rehabilitative practices in which play is always an activity aiming to reach an objective or to provoke an improvement; play for the sake of play is considered a waste of time. The concept of play for the sake of play strongly refers to the distinction between play activities and play-like activities. Play activities are initiated and carried out by the player (alone, with peers, with adults, etc.) for the only purpose of play itself (fun and joy, interest and challenge, love of race and competition, ilinx and dizziness, etc.). They have of course consequences on growth and development, but these consequences are not intentionally pursued. Play-like activities are initiated and conducted by an adult (with one or more children), in educational, clinical, social contexts; they are playful and pleasant, but their main objective is other than play: e.g., cognitive learning, social learning, functional rehabilitation, child's observation and assessment, psychological support, psychotherapy, etc. This book, then, contributes to a clear distinction between play and play-like activities that, hopefully, will bring to new developments in play studies.