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Runaway Fairy
Author: Molly Brett
ISBN: 0855030666
Pages: 24
Year: 1982-07-01
View: 1033
Read: 173

Seamanship Notes
Author: Angus Ferguson
ISBN: 0953437965
Pages: 158
Year: 2004
View: 1179
Read: 409
The Seamanship Notes book is designed to provide straightforward help to cadets by summarising the key sections of the Seamanship Syllabus for Deck officers in a clear and concise manner.
Author: Matthew Reilly
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 1429908165
Pages: 384
Year: 2007-04-01
View: 1226
Read: 1000
Four centuries ago, a precious idol was hidden in the jungles of Peru. To the Incan people, it is still the ultimate symbol of their spirit. To William race, an American linguist enlisted by the U.S. Army to decipher the clues to its location, it's the ultimate symbol of the apocalypse... Carved from a rare stone not found on Earth, the idol possesses elements more destructive than any nuclear bomb--a virtual planet killer. In the wrong hands it could mean the end of mankind. And whoever possesses the idol, possesses the unfathomable--and cataclysmic--power of the gods... Now, in the foothills of the Andes, Race's team has arrived--but they're not alone. And soon they'll discover that to penetrate the temple of the idol is to break the first rule of survival. Because some treasures are meant to stay buried..and forces are ready to kill to keep it that way...
A Single Shot
Author: Matthew F Jones
Publisher: Mulholland Books
ISBN: 031619669X
Pages: 256
Year: 2011-09-19
View: 392
Read: 835
After the loss of his family farm, John Moon is a desperate man. A master hunter, his ability to poach game in-season or out is the only thing that stands between him and the soup kitchen line. Until Moon trespasses on the wrong land, hears a rustle in the brush, and fires a single fateful shot. Following the bloody trail, he comes upon a shocking scene: an illegal, deep woods campground filled with drugs, bundles of cash and the body of a dead young woman, killed by Moon's stray bullet. Faced with an ultimate dilemma, Moon has to make a choice: does he take the money and ignore his responsibility for the girl's death? Or confess? But before he has a chance to decide, Moon finds himself on the run, pursued by those who think the money is theirs. Men who don't care about right and wrong and who want only one thing from John Moon: his body, face down in a ditch. Matthew F. Jones' A Single Shot is a rare, visionary thriller reminiscent of the work of Tom Franklin, Ron Rash, Daniel Woodrell, and Cormac McCarthy.
Twenty-Seven Bones
Author: Jonathan Nasaw
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0743493958
Pages: 368
Year: 2008-06-30
View: 510
Read: 183
The brilliant author of Fear Itself pulls readers into an intricate web of ritual killings orchestrated by an evil pair of murderers who always manage to be one step ahead of the law. Former FBI Special Agent E.L. Pender may be retired, but he jumps at the chance to help solve a particularly gruesome series of crimes in the U.S. Virgin Islands. This is no ordinary case, seeing as the right hand on each body in the string of murders is missing. The police want to keep the existence of a serial killer under wraps; they hope to solve the crime before a stampede sets in. Meanwhile, Pender is convinced the killer must be the husband of the last victim and sets out to capture him -- but he's only partly right. The husband is connected to the case, but the real murderers are a cunning husband-and-wife team of archeologists who believe that if they breathe in their victim's last breath they will live forever. Never before has Pender come up against such savvy, diabolical opponents. From one trail of dead ends to another, readers will feel Pender's fever to prevent more murders from occurring...and his sheer panic when he can't. Twenty-Seven Bones is that most quintessential of thrilling reads, providing a visceral experience of chills and excitement on every page.
Author: the National Research Institute of Maritime Cultural Heritage
Publisher: 공명
ISBN: 8997870238
Year: 2016-12-27
View: 276
Read: 981

Classic English Interiors
Author: Nina Campbell
ISBN: 1840911441
Pages: 160
Year: 1996
View: 994
Read: 744
This work takes the reader on a guided tour through ten homes the author has designed and decorated, from an elegant New York penthouse to a baronial castle and on to her own London apartment. In explaining the basic principles of developing a style and choosing the design ingredients for the rooms, it seeks to take the fear out of decorating.
Necessary as Blood
Author: Deborah Crombie
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061939625
Pages: 400
Year: 2009-10-06
View: 1060
Read: 1223
Necessary As Blood is the latest entry in Deborah Crombie’s New York Times Notable, Edgar®, Agatha, and Macavity Awards-nominated mystery series featuring Scotland Yard detectives Duncan Kincaid and Gemma James. A Texan frequently compared to the masters of British crime fiction—including P.D. James, Martha Grimes, Barbara Vine, and fellow American Elizabeth George—Crombie dazzles once more with Necessary As Blood—a relentlessly suspenseful tale of a vanished mother, a murdered father, and a helpless, endangered child.
Mallard and the A4 Class
Author: David McIntosh
Publisher: Ian Allan Pub
ISBN: 0711032971
Pages: 128
Year: 2008
View: 1066
Read: 238
There were few more distinctive locomotives ever built in Britain than the A4 Pacifics and interest in the class is seemingly inexhaustible. Designed by Sir Nigel Gresley, the 35 members of the A4 class of Pacific locomotive built for the London & North Eastern Railway are amongst the most iconic locomotives ever constructed in Britain. With their streamlined lines, the new locomotives epitomised the styling of the 1930s when they were introduced to the East Coast main line and brought a revolution in speed to services between London and the West Riding, the North-East and Scotland. One of the class No 4468 Mallard has an additional claim to fame: in July 1938, Mallard broke the speed record for a steam locomotive, held by a German design set two years earlier, achieving 126mph on Stoker Bank and is a record that still stands today.
The Million Miles High Club
Author: Suki Selborne
Publisher: Matrioshka Books
Pages: 150
Year: 2018-05-13
View: 500
Read: 184

The Witch's Cradle
Author: Gillian White
Publisher: Open Road Media
ISBN: 1480402230
Pages: 460
Year: 2013-03-19
View: 299
Read: 863
“How the people love a sinner, especially when she is a woman. Witch! Witch!” The Dark End of the Street is a television program thatpries into the business of Barry and Cheryl Higgins and their three small children, uncovering every nasty aspect of their lives on welfare in front of a fascinated and disgusted audience. The couple didn’t get rich off the wildly successful reality show, though, so why would anyone want to kidnap the kids? When the two older children are found, there is little doubt that Cheryl planned their disappearance to win the public’s affection and boost the show’s ratings. As the media and the legal system condemn Cheryl, one question remains: Where is baby Cara? Gillian White adeptly demonstrates how the public’s need to know and to judge—and how people can profit from those impulses—is a modern kind of witch hunt.
A Short History of the Roman Mass
Author: Michael Davies
Publisher: TAN Books
ISBN: 1505102294
Pages: 53
Year: 1997
View: 1049
Read: 456

Hawke's Prey
Author: Reavis Z. Wortham
Publisher: Pinnacle
ISBN: 0786041773
Pages: 320
Year: 2017-06-27
View: 205
Read: 447
“Think: Elmore Leonard meets James Lee Burke.” —Jeffery Deaver It’s a stunning attack, lightning quick and chilling in its execution. A merciless gang of terrorists seizes the Presidio County Courthouse in the midst of the worst blizzard West Texas has seen in a century. Loaded down with enough fire power to outfit an army, the attackers slaughter dozens, take all survivors hostage, and assume complete control. The nation—and the U.S. government—are at their mercy. Or so they think. They don’t know that a seasoned Texas Ranger is also inside the courthouse. Sonny Hawke has hauled in some of America’s Most Wanted. Now he’s up against his most dangerous adversary yet. Sonny likes his chances. The enemy is his to take down—one by one. Until he’s face-to-face with the ruthless mastermind gunning for our very freedom . . . Praise for Reavis Z. Wortham and His Novels “The most riveting thriller all year!” —John Gilstrap “A masterful and entertaining storyteller.” —Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine “Entertaining and emotionally engaging.” —T. Jefferson Parker
Henry Reed, Inc
Author: Keith Robertson
Publisher: Paw Prints
ISBN: 1442014024
Pages: 239
Year: 2009-07-10
View: 783
Read: 252
Henry Reed keeps a journal of his summer activities which include setting up a research firm and embarking on a series of usually profitable projects with the aid of his ally and neighbor Midge.
Jacob's Faith
Author: Lora Leigh
Publisher: Elloras Cave Pub Incorporated
ISBN: 1843607484
Pages: 245
Year: 2004-05
View: 650
Read: 222
Wolf Breeds - Jacob's Faith By Lora Leigh Book 2 in the Wold Breeds series They are a new breed, a new race. Engineered rather than born, trained rather than raised, and their unique genetics have created more than one surprise... Jacob left Faith six years before, unaware that the mark he left on her also left her in an agony of sexual heat that never dimmed. Now Jacob and Faith are together again, but surprises lurk around every corner and dangers as dark and deadly as their very creation surround them in more ways than one.