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The Making of Modern Colombia
Author: David Bushnell
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520913906
Pages: 384
Year: 1993-02-09
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Colombia's status as the fourth largest nation in Latin America and third most populous—as well as its largest exporter of such disparate commodities as emeralds, books, processed cocaine, and cut flowers—makes this, the first history of Colombia written in English, a much-needed book. It tells the remarkable story of a country that has consistently defied modern Latin American stereotypes—a country where military dictators are virtually unknown, where the political left is congenitally weak, and where urbanization and industrialization have spawned no lasting populist movement. There is more to Colombia than the drug trafficking and violence that have recently gripped the world's attention. In the face of both cocaine wars and guerrilla conflict, the country has maintained steady economic growth as well as a relatively open and democratic government based on a two-party system. It has also produced an impressive body of art and literature. David Bushnell traces the process of state-building in Colombia from the struggle for independence, territorial consolidation, and reform in the nineteenth century to economic development and social and political democratization in the twentieth. He also sheds light on the modern history of Latin America as a whole.
There Are No Dead Here
Author: Maria McFarland Sánchez-Moreno
Publisher: Nation Books
ISBN: 1568585802
Pages: 336
Year: 2018-02-27
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The bloody story of the rise of paramilitaries in Colombia, told through three characters--a fearless activist, a dogged journalist, and a relentless investigator--whose lives intersected in the midst of unspeakable terror. Colombia's drug-fueled cycle of terror, corruption, and tragedy did not end with Pablo Escobar's death in 1993. Just when Colombians were ready to move past the murderous legacy of the country's cartels, a new, bloody chapter unfolded. In the late 1990s, right-wing paramilitary groups with close ties to the cocaine business carried out a violent expansion campaign, massacring, raping, and torturing thousands. There Are No Dead Here is the harrowing story of three ordinary Colombians who risked everything to reveal the collusion between the new mafia and much of the country's military and political establishment: Jesús María Valle, a human rights activist who was murdered for exposing a dark secret; Iván Velásquez, a quiet prosecutor who took up Valle's cause and became an unlikely hero; and Ricardo Calderón, a dogged journalist who is still being targeted for his revelations. Their groundbreaking investigations landed a third of the country's Congress in prison and fed new demands for justice and peace that Colombia's leaders could not ignore. Taking readers from the sweltering Medellín streets where criminal investigators were hunted by assassins, through the countryside where paramilitaries wiped out entire towns, and into the corridors of the presidential palace in Bogotá, There Are No Dead Here is an unforgettable portrait of the valiant men and women who dared to stand up to the tide of greed, rage, and bloodlust that threatened to engulf their country.
The Colombian Review
Year: 1920
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Moon Colombia
Author: Andrew Dier
Publisher: Moon Travel
ISBN: 163121358X
Pages: 500
Year: 2017-07-03
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Your World Your Way Travel writer and expat Andrew Dier shares his expert perspective on Colombia, guiding you on a memorable and unique experience. Whether you're dancing and dining in Bogotá or hiking to the Ciudad Perdida, Moon Colombia has activities for every traveler. With itineraries like “Music and Dance Festivals” and “Mountain Highs,” expertly crafted maps, gorgeous photos, and Andrew's trustworthy advice, Moon Colombia provides the tools for planning your perfect trip! Moon Colombia covers can't-miss sights and the best destinations including: Cartagena and the Caribbean Coast Medellín and the Coffee Region The Amazon and Los Llanos
The Colombian Caribbean
Author: Eduardo Posada Carbó
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0198206283
Pages: 300
Year: 1996
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"Revised PhD dissertation examines from a regional perspective the social, economic, and political development of the departments of Bolivar, Magdalena, Atlantico, and Guajira between 1870-1950. Topics include agriculture, cattle, rural and urban enviro
Colombian Criminal Justice in Crisis
Author: E. Restrepo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1403920141
Pages: 236
Year: 2001-12-10
View: 360
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Most people believe that criminal justice in Colombia is rife with impunity and corruption. Elvira María Restrepo delves beneath such beliefs to reveal a system driven at a fundamental level by fear and distrust from outside the system itself. With the present difficulties in the country tantamount to a state of irregular war, the judiciary is in crisis. It has to contribute to the construction of peace and the reconstruction of trust, or perish.
Author: Virginia Marie Bouvier
Publisher: US Institute of Peace Press
ISBN: 1601270380
Pages: 489
Year: 2009
View: 246
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Documents and analyzes the vast array of peace initiatives that have emerged in Colombia. This title explores how local and regional initiatives relate to national efforts and identifies possible synergies. It examines the multiple roles of civil society and the international community in the country's complex search for peace.
Ana Mercedes Hoyos
Author: Angel Kalenberg, Ana Mercedes Hoyos, Benjamín Villegas Jiménez
Publisher: Villegas Asociados
ISBN: 9588156084
Pages: 399
Year: 2002
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"It deals witb a distinguished career which led the Colombian artist from her early stage of "windows" and "doors" to a series of "atmospheres"--In which she seems to leap through the frames of her earlier paintings to find herself before the light that is on the other side and was merely hinted at before. The white canvases of her "atmospheres" - luminous, sparkling and full of matter - in turn fulfill their cycle, opening the way for a further stage which is marked by the recuperatian of the object and a new and fresh approach to nature.
A History of Colombian Literature
Author: Raymond Leslie Williams
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 131649540X
Year: 2016-06-13
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In recent decades, the international recognition of Nobel Laureate Gabriel García Márquez has placed Colombian writing on the global literary map. A History of Colombian Literature explores the genealogy of Colombian poetry and prose from the colonial period to the present day. Beginning with a comprehensive introduction that charts the development of a national literary tradition, this History includes extensive essays that illuminate the cultural and political intricacies of Colombian literature. Organized thematically, these essays survey the multilayered verse and fiction of such diverse writers as José Eustacio Rivera, Tomás Carrasquilla, Alvaro Mutis, and Darío Jaramillo Agudelo. Written by a host of leading scholars, this History also devotes special attention to the lasting significance of colonialism and multiculturalism in Colombian literature. This book is of pivotal importance to the development of Colombian writing and will serve as an invaluable reference for specialists and students alike.
The Colombian Agricultural Reform Law
Author: Colombie
Pages: 54
Year: 1962
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Colombia Export-import Trade and Business Directory
Author: USA International Business Publications
Publisher: Int'l Business Publications
ISBN: 1438709072
Pages: 300
Year: 2009-03-20
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Colombia Export-Import Trade and Business Directory
A Gringa in Bogotá
Author: June Carolyn Erlick
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 029278211X
Pages: 174
Year: 2010-02-26
View: 643
Read: 359
To many foreigners, Colombia is a nightmare of drugs and violence. Yet normal life goes on there, and, in Bogotá, it's even possible to forget that war still ravages the countryside. This paradox of perceptions—outsiders' fears versus insiders' realities—drew June Carolyn Erlick back to Bogotá for a year's stay in 2005. She wanted to understand how the city she first came to love in 1975 has made such strides toward building a peaceful civil society in the midst of ongoing violence. The complex reality she found comes to life in this compelling memoir. Erlick creates her portrait of Bogotá through a series of vivid vignettes that cover many aspects of city life. As an experienced journalist, she lets the things she observes lead her to larger conclusions. The courtesy of people on buses, the absence of packs of stray dogs and street trash, and the willingness of strangers to help her cross an overpass when vertigo overwhelms her all become signs of convivencia—the desire of Bogotanos to live together in harmony despite decades of war. But as Erlick settles further into city life, she finds that "war in the city is invisible, but constantly present in subtle ways, almost like the constant mist that used to drip down from the Bogotá skies so many years ago." Shattering stereotypes with its lively reporting, A Gringa in Bogotá is must-reading for going beyond the headlines about the drug war and bloody conflict.
Field Guide to the Birds of Colombia
Author: Miles McMullan, Thomas Donegan, Alonso Quevedo
ISBN: 0982761503
Pages: 225
Year: 2010
View: 1239
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A pocket-sized comprehensive field-guide for the neotropical avifaunas. It features texts, maps and illustrations for various birds recorded in Colombia, including offshore islands. Every species is illustrated and various non-pelagic species are mapped.
Kings of the Mountains
Author: Matt Rendell
Publisher: Aurum PressLtd
Pages: 246
Year: 2002-01-01
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For the first time Matthew Rendell tells the little-known story of a Latin American country in which cycling is the national sport, whose sportsmen, denied the enormous benefits of prosperity, cutting-edge technology and unlimited sponsorship, have nevertheless achieved prodigious cycling feats both at home and abroad, and helped to forge for Colombia a heroic national identity. He tells of how, during the fifties, Colombia's own top cycle race, the Vuelta de Colombia, was still being held on dusty, unpaved roads - with consequentially ghastly accidents; of how the first top European cyclists who came to race in Colombia found themselves utterly vanquished by its endless mountain climbs; of how the biography of Colombia's first cycling superstar was written by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Then, following the story through to the seventies and eighties, he shows how Colombia's cyclists began to make their mark abroad, even in the ultimate competition, the Tour de France - and, while they may have lacked the team discipline and the pace training to win the race itself, how to them the premier accolade was to become King of the Mountains, by beating everyone else in the Tour's most drainin
Lista Mundial de Fuentes de Semillas
Author: E. Sgaravatti, J. Beaney, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9250037821
Pages: 623
Year: 1996-01-01
View: 824
Read: 788