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Bing - Bing TV
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008122164
Pages: 32
Year: 2015-07-30
View: 302
Read: 892
Join Bing and get creative with this wipe clean activity book.
Book from the Ground
Author: Bing Xu
ISBN: 0262536226
Pages: 128
Year: 2018-10-19
View: 901
Read: 863
Title and statement of responsibility from page 4 of cover.
The Big, Big Bing Book!
Author: Lucy Murphy, Ted Dewan, Freddie Hutchins, Neil Dunnicliffe, Stella Gurney
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008139598
Pages: 14
Year: 2015-10-08
View: 218
Read: 296
This really is the biggest Bing book ever - it's as tall as a toddler and full of fun! Ideal for young Bing fans, every page introduces you to a new theme and a different aspect of Bing's world; from his friends and favourite things to concepts such as numbers, colours, opposites and the weather.
Bingsop's Fables
Author: Stanley Bing, Steve Brodner
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0062092006
Pages: 240
Year: 2011-04-26
View: 295
Read: 365
“Amasterful curmudgeon who causes laugh-out-loud moments.”—USA Today “Bingdelivers his works smoothly, projecting tones of deadpan sarcasm and animatedmockery befitting the often irreverent content.” —Publishers Weekly From celebrated business writer and Fortune columnist Stanley Bing, thebestselling author of What Would Machiavelli Do?, ThrowingThe Elephant,Sun Tzu is a Sissy, and more, comes a collection of playful fables poking funat corporate archetypes while imparting useful and humorous lessons for anyonestriving to make it big in big business. Illustrated throughout by New Yorker artist Steve Brodner, Bingsop’s Fables isthe perfect addition to any executive bookshelf in need of a little humor—and alot of excellent advice.
Bing Bedtime Stories
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008183341
Pages: 96
Year: 2016-10-06
View: 295
Read: 911
A collection of three favourite stories about Bing Bunny: this gorgeous hardback gift collection with a padded cover contains these titles: Ducks, Smoothie and Hide and Seek. A collection of three favourite stories about Bing Bunny: this gorgeous hardback gift collection with a padded cover contains these titles: Ducks, Smoothie and Hide and Seek.
Wipe Clean Activity Book
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 000818335X
Pages: 24
Year: 2017-01-26
View: 409
Read: 592
Join Bing and Flop in the park for lots of fun with this wipe clean activity book - with special Bing pen. Bing and Flop are having a big day out in the park! Help everyoneâe(tm)s favourite bunny draw and doodle through the day, with this wipe clean activity book packed full of activities your toddler can enjoy again and again. The Bing pen that comes with this busy book wipes clean from the pages for unlimited fun!
Bing's First 100 Words
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 000829836X
Year: 2018-06-28
View: 1047
Read: 528
This interactive first words book is perfect for fans of the hit CBeebies series, Bing.Explore Bing's world and discover over 100 everyday words in this fantastic lift-the-flap book. From around the house to out and about at nursery and at the park, this book is packed with objects Bingsters will encounter as part of their daily routines. With lots to look at on every page and word labels to encourage pointing and naming, it is perfect for increasing vocabulary and developing word-recognition skills.Learning new words... it's a Bing thing!
It's a Bing Thing!
Author: Emma Drage, Freddie Hutchins, An Vrombaut, Ted Dewan
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008272468
Pages: 10
Year: 2018-04-05
View: 306
Read: 1117
Find out all about Bing's favourite things in this gorgeous shaped board book - perfect for fans of the hit CBeebies series. From Vooshing with Hoppity to hugs with Flop, this chunky board book is packed with all the things that Bing loves. And it's shaped like Bing too, making it both fun and sturdy for busy little hands. Great fun books . . . they're a Bing thing!
Bing's Noisy Day
Author: Emma Drage
Publisher: Bing
ISBN: 0008251991
Pages: 10
Year: 2017-10-05
View: 254
Read: 317
This interactive book featuring 10 sounds is perfect for fans of the hit CBeebies series, Bing. Bing and Flop are on their way to the park when they hear the jingle of Gilly's ice cream van. Bing really wants a delicious carroty ice cream, but they need to find Gilly first! Join Bing as he follows the sound of Gilly's van and discovers lots of other noises along the way. Bingsters will love pressing the sound buttons and joining in the fun. Noisy books... they're a Bing thing!
Waybuloo Pocket Library
Publisher: Egmont Books (UK)
ISBN: 1405247495
Pages: 6
Year: 2009
View: 213
Read: 836
A sparkly waybuloo slipcase containing six durable board books, small enough for children to carry around. Each book contains a charming, simple story from the land of Nara and features the four main Pipling characters; Lau Lau, Nok Tok, Yojojo and De Li.
Bing’s Noisy Day: Interactive Sound Book (Bing)
Author: Emma Drage
Publisher: HarperCollins UK
ISBN: 0008277036
Pages: 10
Year: 2017-10-05
View: 1300
Read: 590
This interactive book featuring 10 sounds is perfect for fans of the hit CBeebies series, Bing.
Bing's Summer Fun
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008183384
Year: 2017-05-04
View: 272
Read: 1172
A fantastic new Bing sticker activity book packed with summer-themed fun. With over 200 reusable stickers, Bingsters will be kept busy for hours! Let's go, go, go, go, goooo with Bing and his friends for some summer fun! Use your stickers to take a trip to the paddling pool, eat an ice-cream, build a sandcastle and lots more. The stickers in this book are reusable, so if you change your mind you can peel them off and start again!
18 Holes with Bing
Author: Nathaniel Crosby, John Strege
Publisher: HarperCollins
ISBN: 0062414305
Pages: 224
Year: 2016-05-03
View: 1039
Read: 1071
In this love letter to his father, former professional golfer Nathaniel Crosby shares memories of Bing Crosby on the golf course, and the lessons he taught him about the game and about life. With a Foreword by Jack Nicklaus. “Bing Crosby was a great ambassador for our game, as well as a great man,” hails longtime friend and golf partner, Jack Nicklaus. The beloved singer and star was also an extraordinary teacher who instilled an abiding passion and mastery of the game in his youngest son, Nathaniel. Winning the US Amateur at nineteen, Nathaniel went on to compete in high-level professional tournaments for his entire life. In 18 Holes with Bing, Nathaniel introduces us to the Bing Crosby he and his family knew—not the beloved singer who played golf, but a golfer who sang to pay his country club dues. Nathaniel shares exclusive stories about this American icon golfing, working, and playing with some of the most famous people in history—royalty, titans of industry, stars of stage and screen, and champions of the green, including Bob Hope, Dwight Eisenhower, Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, and Louis Armstrong. At the book’s heart is an intimate account of a father and a son—how a mutual love of golf formed an exceptional emotional bond. Full of anecdotes, vignettes, and recollections of Bing’s time on the course, the tournaments he created and later sponsored, and the constant encouragement he showed his son, 18 Holes with Bing honors this celebrated golfer, entertainer, and father, and illuminates his life as never before.
Bing's Christmas Wish
Author: Amelia Hepworth, Freddie Hutchins, An Vrombaut
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
ISBN: 0008252017
Pages: 10
Year: 2017-10
View: 947
Read: 353
Bing and Flop are getting ready for Christmas in this shaped board book, based on the hit CBeebies TV series. Bing can't wait for Christmas, but he has one wish to make the day extra-special. What Bing wants most of all for Christmas is . . . snow! Will Bing's Christmas wish come true? Christmas wishes . . . they're a Bing thing!
Sun Tzu Was a Sissy
Author: Stanley Bing
Publisher: Harper Collins
ISBN: 0061755036
Pages: 240
Year: 2009-10-13
View: 524
Read: 1029
We live in a vicious, highly competitive workplace environment, and things aren't getting any better. Jobs are few and far between, and people aren't any nicer now than they were when Ghengis Khan ran around in big furs killing people in unfriendly acquisitions. For thousands of years, people have been reading the writings of the deeply wise, but also extremely dead Chinese philosopher Sun Tzu, who was perhaps the first to look on the waging of war as a strategic art that could be taught to people who wished to be warlords and other kinds of senior managers. In a nutshell, Sun Tzu taught that readiness is all, that knowledge of oneself and the enemy was the foundation of strength and that those who fight best are those who are prepared and wise enough not to fight at all. Unfortunately, in the current day, this approach is pretty much horse hockey, a fact that has not been recognized by the bloated, tree-hugging Sun Tzu industry, which churns out mushy-gushy pseudo-philosophy for business school types who want to make war and keep their hands clean. Sun Tzu was a Sissy will transcend all those efforts and teach the reader how to make war, win and enjoy the plunder in the real world, where those who do not kick, gouge and grab are left behind at the table to pay the tab. Students of Bing will be taught how to plan and execute battles that hurt other people a lot, and advance their flags and those of their friends, if possible. All military strategies will be explored, from mustering, equipping, organizing, plotting, scheming, rampaging, squashing and reaping spoils. Every other book on the Art of War bows low to Sun Tzu. We're going to tell him to get lost and inform our readers how real war is currently conducted on the battlefield of life.