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The Overnight
Author: Ramsey Campbell
Publisher: Macmillan
ISBN: 0765351536
Pages: 416
Year: 2006-04-04
View: 198
Read: 538
Overseeing his reluctant staff during an overnight inventory, Woody, an American manager of a British bookstore, works everyone to their limits to prove himself to his superiors but finds the job compromised by a series of bizarre events, including an employee's spontaneous illiteracy and another worker's death in a hit-and-run accident. Reprint.
Music, Informal Learning and the School: A New Classroom Pedagogy
Author: Professor Lucy Green
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409493903
Pages: 226
Year: 2013-01-28
View: 1228
Read: 152
This pioneering book reveals how the music classroom can draw upon the world of popular musicians' informal learning practices, so as to recognize and foster a range of musical skills and knowledge that have long been overlooked within music education. It investigates how far informal learning practices are possible and desirable in a classroom context; how they can affect young teenagers' musical skill and knowledge acquisition.
The 39 Apartments of Ludwig Van Beethoven
Author: Jonah Winter
Publisher: Schwartz & Wade
ISBN: 0307554007
Pages: 40
Year: 2014-04-30
View: 930
Read: 713
How hard is it to move 5 legless pianos 39 times? Beethoven owned five legless pianos and composed great works on the floor. His first apartment was in the center of Vienna's theater district... but he forgot to pay rent, so he had to move. (And it's very hard to move a piano. Even harder to move five). Beethoven's next apartment was in a dangerous part of town... so he moved, and the pianos followed on a series of pulleys. Then came an apartment with a view of the Danube (but he made too much noise and the neighbors complained), followed by an attic apartment (where he made even MORE of a rukus), and so Beethoven moved again and again. Each time, pianos were bought, left behind, transported on pulleys, slides, and by movers, all so that gifted Beethoven could compose great works of music for the world.
The Persuaders
Author: James Garvey
Publisher: Icon Books Ltd
ISBN: 1848316984
Pages: 288
Year: 2016-02-04
View: 960
Read: 991
'A work of engaging pop philosophy and accessible social science [and] a boisterous dissection of the forces jellifying our minds' Sunday Times Includes brand new material covering the US election and Brexit Every day, many people will try to change your mind, but they won’t reason with you. Instead, you’ll be nudged, anchored, incentivised and manipulated in barely noticeable ways. It’s a profound shift in the way we interact with one another. Philosopher James Garvey explores the hidden story of persuasion and the men and women in the business of changing our minds. From the covert PR used to start the first Gulf War to the neuromarketing of products to appeal to our unconscious minds, he reveals the dark arts practised by professional persuaders. How did we end up with a world where beliefs are mass-produced by lobbyists and PR firms? Could Google or Facebook swing elections? Are new kinds of persuasion making us less likely to live happy, decent lives in an open, peaceful world? Is it too late, or can we learn to listen to reason again? The Persuaders is a call to think again about how we think now.
A Creative Approach to Jazz Piano Harmony
Author: Bill Dobbins
ISBN: 3892212406
Pages: 140
Year: 2014-09
View: 293
Read: 1018

Seven Toccatas
Author: Johann Sebastian Bach, Hans Bischoff
Publisher: Alfred Music
ISBN: 1457472031
Pages: 72
View: 350
Read: 576
This volume presents the edition of Dr. Hans Bischoff of Bach’s early keyboard Toccatas, BWV 910-916. These works include explorations of keyboard touch and style that usually include an introductory fantasie, an adagio movement, and one or more fugues. Dr. Bischoff includes footnotes, performance suggestions and explanations of his manuscript sources. Contains: * Toccata in C-Minor * Toccata in D-Major * Toccata in D-Minor * Toccata in E-Minor * Toccata in F-sharp Minor * Toccata in G-Major * Toccata in G-Minor
Piano Discoveries
Author: Lynn Freeman Olson
Publisher: Carl Fischer, L.L.C.
ISBN: 0825803152
Year: 1983-01-01
View: 1004
Read: 560

Exploring Jazz Violin
Author: Chris Haigh
Publisher: Schott & Company Limited
ISBN: 1847612423
Pages: 208
Year: 2010
View: 232
Read: 647
(String). Jazz is one of the biggest challenges a violinist can face, with the thought of improvisation likely to strike fear into the heart of even the best classical player. This book demystifies the process, taking you step by step through everything you need to know about playing jazz violin. The work of players such as Stephane Grappelli, Joe Venuti, Stuff Smith and Jean-Luc Ponty is examined in detail, and styles including gypsy jazz, belop, modal and fusion are explored. Topics covered include: analyzing a chord sequence * bowing * chord symbols * double stopping * harmonics * how to construct your own solo * how to swing * pentatonic, bebop and blues scales * vibrato * and more. An accompanying CD with 65 tracks for listening or play-along is also included.
Perception And Cognition Of Music
Author: Irene Deliege, John A. Sloboda
Publisher: Psychology Press
ISBN: 1135472238
Pages: 480
Year: 2004-08-02
View: 1317
Read: 651
This text comprises of reviews of work relating to music and mind. It presents a range of approaches from the psychological through the computational, to the musicological. The reviews were selected from papers submitted at the Third International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition Liege 1994 to illustrate the wide range of perspectives now being adopted in studying how humans make and respond to music. The book is divided ino five sections. The first part illustrates the role of analysis and ethnomusicology in understanding cultural determinants of musical behaviour. The second part charts what is known about aquisition of musical competence, from pre-birth through to the expert performer. The evidence accumulated about specific areas of the brain which control musical thinking and behaviour is examined in Part Three. The fourth part examines how neurological, behavioural and artificial intelligence approaches are converging to shed light on processes in auditory perception. Finally, Part Five highlights the important developments in how we conceptualize the way in which musical structures are represented in the mind.
Method for the One-Keyed Flute
Author: Janice Dockendorff Boland
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520921275
Pages: 236
Year: 1998-06-05
View: 1137
Read: 523
This indispensable manual for present-day players of the one-keyed flute is the first complete method written in modern times. Janice Dockendorff Boland has compiled a manual that can serve as a self-guiding tutor or as a text for a student working with a teacher. Referencing important eighteenth-century sources while also incorporating modern experience, the book includes nearly 100 pages of music drawn from early treatises along with solo flute literature and instructional text and fingering charts. Boland also addresses topics ranging from the basics of choosing a flute and assembling it to more advanced concepts such as tone color and eighteenth-century articulation patterns.
The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Author: John Alexander Fuller-Maitland, William Barclay Squire
Year: 1963
View: 205
Read: 877

The Arts And Human Development
Author: Howard E. Gardner
Publisher: Basic Books
ISBN: 0465004407
Pages: 432
Year: 1994-11-10
View: 1057
Read: 470
A revised edition of Gardner's classic on the development of creativity. Illustrated throughout with children's art, this book is a systematic examination of the relation between youthful participation in the arts and the ultimate craftsmanship attained by gifted artists.
European Perspectives on Music Education
Author: Marina Gall, Gerhard Sammer (glasba.), Adri de Vugt
ISBN: 3850618501
Pages: 264
Year: 2012
View: 984
Read: 1027

Music for Children: Upper elementary
Author: Carl Orff, Gunild Keetman
Publisher: Mmb Music
Pages: 342
Year: 1982
View: 1265
Read: 401